Online Job Market

Course Requirements

• Course Fee: 7,000 tk ($100)
• One passport size photo
• Full details according to any certificate
• One highly interested person
• One PC and one internet connection
• Basic English Knowledge
• Ability to remain awake at night

Course Services

• 3 step classes (100% guarantee)
• Fixed Classes (Front or Skype and Team-Viewer)
• Online Group Class (Lifetime)
• Skype Support Class (Lifetime)
• Job Guarantee 100%
• International Certificate
• Lifetime Membership

Job Market:

  1. What is job market?
  2. How many job markets are in the world?
  3. Famous job market places?
  4. How market places work?
  5. Who are the clients?
  6. Rules of job markets?
  7. Competition of job markets?
  8. Terms and conditions of markets?
  9. Client identifications?
  10. Payment method of job markets?
  11. What is fixed price job in details?
  12. What is hourly job in details?
  13. What is time tracking machine?
  14. How time tracking machine works?
  15. What is dispute?
  16. What are comments and feedbacks?
  17. How to make profile 100%?
  18. What is cover letter?
  19. How to submit reports?
  20. How and when to get paid?

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