Upwork Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert

This Upwork profile overview sample for seo expert will win you your first job because now a days, upwork field is bringing immense success to the freelancers. A perfect overview can provide a fine job to the Search Engine optimization experts as well. Let’s see: SEO Expert Cover Letter Sample.

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To write up a perfect upwork profile overview one should not be careless, rather be careful while choosing the keywords. First of all, a profile picture should be given in the top of the overview which is well focused and very professional to look at.

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Then you contemplate on the keywords that the clients always seek for and as you review the upwork jobs of the clients so you should have maximum knowledge about the preference of the clients for a job. Again, showcase your top ten SEO based skill in your profile overview such as

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  1. technical and programming skills, HTML, CSS, PHP, Tags, WP, Blogger, SEO plugins, etc
  2. on-page seo
  3. of-page seo
  4. backlinks & competitors
  5. seo tools paid/free
  6. google search console
  7. google analytics
  8. keyword planner
  9. Alexa ranking,
  10. search apperence,

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and other very important skills without which the client do not feel safe to hand over his project to any person. You have to make your client believe that, you have enormous capability of adjustment & persuasive ability and also you have profound sense of handling a job by adopting all requirements with honesty.

Do not beat about the bush, rather be straight and shortcut. Do not put unnecessary or personal things which may cause disturbance to your clients. Always remember that, there are thousands like you who put overviews in the box of the clients for the upwork job.

So, their time is precious and they search for the kickass words which can comfy them with trust for that particular person who can accomplish this. Now that you have come to learn with things which can save your overview from throwing to the dustbin, here we are going to provide two profile overview samples for SEO experts.

Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert (Sample 01)

Hi there! I am an expert in search engine optimization in both on-page and off-page, with SEM and in SMM. I have experience in this work of 3+ years and working online is my passion. Additionally I know that getting a good ranking is very important for a website of a small business owner and it is becoming more and more difficult to get a good decent ranking for the website in Google. I am totally aware of marketing system and keep myself up to date.

So, I know the competition remaining in Google in getting the opportunity to appear in the first page. I am willing to help my clients heartily in standing out from their competitors and in getting better position and visibility in their targeted market. I can assure of delivering the work on time given by the client. So, if anyone provides me the information regarding to his local business, I might be able to help him in dominating his/her competition and in securing top spot on Google. Above all of these, getting satisfaction from my work is assured because satisfying the clients through my works is my best concern.

My skills and expertise

In off page: Social Bookmarking, Blog Posting,Blog comment, Directory Submission, Forum Posting, link Wheel, Web 2.0 Backlinking, Guest blog/Blog Submission, Article Submission, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Google+ Marketing Blog creation/Marketing, Press Release Submission, Classified Submission

And in on page: Keyword Research, Website Analysis, competitor Analysis, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tool, xml sitemap submission, Meta Description (HTML), Meta Tags (HTML), Content Optimization(Alt Tags, Header tags, etc.)

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert

Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert (Sample 02)

Hello, my name is (write down your name correctly). I am an SEO expert and have been working in this sector for about 4 years. Long time experiences have taught me to solve unique problems from various angles and find thoughtful solutions to correct them.

I have a Bachelor’s degree on Software Engineering from the university of (name of the university), also, I am well acquainted in the tools like Google’s Keyword planner. I do a lot of research to keep myself up to date and to improve my site position on the search engine results position. I avoid all kind of plagiarism because to me honesty comes first.

Also, I have strong background in keyword research and development, on-page full optimization, meta tags, image optimization, layouts, website traffic management and its growth and development, page audit reports and competitive analysis.

Above all, I can appease my clients by fulfilling every requirement and with great works. So pick me up if you want good work to be done. 

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert

Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert (Sample 03)

Hi there. I am a Search Engine Optimization specialist and an expert of both on-page and off-page SEO. I have a total 5 years experience in this workstation and pro at reviewing, improving websites, analyzing, actionable tasks, keyword selection, creating link wheel, press release, RSS feed creation and submission and so on.

My best part is that I can handle the site performance on google, pingdom, gtmatrix with total control and full enthusiasm.

As I know very well that, competition is getting tougher, I try the hardest to keep up with the date using technical tools to remain in Google in its first page. All my clients till now didn’t find any scope to complain against my work.

I am an enthusiastic pro SEO expert and always quest for learning more associated with my job. I am conscious of my job and its process and always find ways to lift it up in the better position.

Giving me your project will not cause any failure for sure. So you can give a try by choosing me for your project.

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert

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