Freelancer Proposal Sample for Web Developer

This freelance Proposal Sample for Web Developer will make a Web Developer know how he should approach to his client to get a job in freelancer. For this he needs a good Proposal. Here you will find some Proposal Sample for writing good cover letters. We are here to help you with the best sample proposal cover letters. Let’s see: Web Developer Profile Summary Sample.

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Before start writing web developer proposal for Freelancer there are some basic things to know. Web Developing is a broad term. It is used to develop the web pages on internet. It is like a tree and it has many branches. Web development can cover the area from developing a single page of plain text to the most complex internet applications based on web such as Web Apps, electronic business, social network services etc. There are some web developers working on Graphics and SEO developments of many intranets that is working under individuals having a private network.

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Things to Remember – Writing Freelance Web Developer Proposal

If you want to write the best killer Proposal on Web Developing you must always keep some things in your mind.

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  1. Clients will give you complex and comprehensible tasks to complete
  2. They might tell you to design a website on their own views
  3. Make the visual designs eye catchy
  4. Work with simplicity and work for user friendliness
  5. Hirers need the people having much experience in this field
  6. Learn as much computer language as you can
  7. Always be fast enough for bidding and responding
  8. Be as much innovative as you can
  9. Know the required languages in Web Development
  10. Always have a look at your client’s demands
  11. Try to find hidden hints or keywords in the job post
  12. Deal gently with your client
  13. Always try to give and receive good feed backs

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Hidden Tricks on Writing Freelance Web Developer Proposal

  1. Write to create positive impression on client about you
  2. Try to be attractive with your proposal
  3. Use eye-catchy words
  4. Try to finish the proposal within 200-250 words
  5. Know the best ways of writing, designing and editing web pages
  6. Have some knowledge about the uses of authoring or scripting languages to build websites
  7. Show off yourself. Try to show that you know everything even if you don’t.
  8. Learn the languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, ASP, JSP etc. and you must show these on your proposal
  9. Have the knowledge to convert written, graphic, audio and video components.
  10. Always try to give your client good feedback so that he becomes happy with your behavior
  11. Try to get good feedback from your client
  12. Identify and make correction to your problems.
  13. Learn from your mistakes
  14. Always be formal

If you want to be a professional web developer, you will need a good proposal. For your help we are going to show you some killer Sample Proposals for Web Development.

Web Developer Proposal Sample for Freelancer (01)

Dear Mr. (Hirer’s name)

I have seen your posted job on Freelancer and I feel very much interested to work with you. I have read the things that you want. I consider myself perfect match for this job because I am working as a Web Developer since the last four years.

I have studied in Computer Science and I can assure you that my skills will not let you down. I have learnt almost all the languages such as the languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, ASP, JSP etc. and gathered some excellent skills on Web Developing.

I believe that what will take me far from my competitors is my experience. I have been working as a web developer for the last four years and have proved myself many times. You can search work histories and their ratings to be sure. Beside that I have worked on some mobile projects too by using Objective-C and Swift.

I am confident that I can be a good employee for you because I know what you want. You can have a check on my profile, Portfolio, Work History and Feedbacks to satisfy your needs. I can assure you that I will do my best to do your job.

I am available 24/7 both online and offline. You can find me on Skype, Facebook, and Viber. Your every call/message is important to me. I will be available at least 50 hours per week and ready to assist you on your project at your call.

Yours Faithfully
Mr. (Your name)

Proposal Sample for Web Developer

Web Developer Proposal Sample for Freelancer (02)

Dear Hiring Manager

I am (Your name) from (Your Country). I would like to apply for your recently posted job on Freelancer. I am delighted to tell you that my qualifications are well matched with your needs and I consider myself worthy enough to get the job. If you want a job get done right, you have to select the right person.
I have completed graduation in (your subject). I have also completed several courses on Web Developing and have obtained (Your degree). I have a sound knowledge in HTML, CSS and java scripts. So I can be the best match for your requirements.

I am working as a Web Developer for the last six years and have built more than fifty websites (give some names). I have the skill to execute all visual designs from concept to finalized engineering in a good amount of time. I have experience in web engineering, web designing, web content developing, client/server side scripting, web server and network security configuration, e-commerce development and so on.

I am a confident Web Developer. I have the confidence to take a task and fulfil it in time. I am ready to discuss anything on your past and your every advice will be precious to me. You might visit my Portfolio to have a look at my works and success rate.
I am always reachable on Skype and Viber. I generally work for 60 hours to 70 hours on a week and therefore wish that you will consider me the best match with your job.

Best Wishes
(Your Name)

Proposal Sample for Web Developer

Sample 01: Job Posting on Web Developer

Job Title: Urgently need an experienced web developer who can create WordPress Website on custom made theme.
Job Description: I need an expert Web Developer who can create an author website from scratch. The developer is needed to provide a custom made WordPress theme. He has to provide mock-up design for every individual page. The web site must be created with professionalism and must be eye catchy.

The payment will be 80$ per hour. I hope that the best customization will be made on the Website.

Proposal Sample Web Developer

Sample 02: Job Posting on Web Developer

Proposal Sample Web Developer

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