WordPress Developer Proposal Sample for Freelancer

Pro WordPress Developer! But cannot get job because of weak proposals? Let’s see the professional wordpress proposal samples for freelancer. We will definitely help you out with killer proposal samples by which you are going to get your wishful projects in hand with total ease. Keep faith and follow the essential freelance job winning instructions and proposal templates that are given here in order to snatch lofty projects by convincing your hiring clients. Let’s see: WordPress Developer Profile Summary Sample.

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Things to know before Writing Freelance Proposal for WordPress

To become a wordpress developer you need to have some basic ideas of coding. A wordpress developer is responsible to generate user-friendly and striking websites as per the wish of the clients. So, your job is already confirmed if you have authentic knowledge related to this field. Again, thousands of applicants get rejected because they fail to express their skills in a right manner. Some put unnecessary and unprofessional words in the overview which lessen the impression of the freelancer and that makes the job hard to get.

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Never Escape Job Description

Some developer writes proposal without having a glance of the job description. So here is a WARNING! Read the job description thoroughly before you write your proposal. Clients are tricky and experienced. They would put some code number in the job description and expect you to write the proposal starting with the code number. If you miss this, then you will be penalized by not having the job.

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Skills You Should Occupy for a Writing Freelance Proposal for WordPress

  1. HTML5, CSS, CSS3, ASP or Perl, PHP, JavaScript, JS
  2. Basic Photoshop, Bootstrap, understanding ability of front-end users’ requirements
  3. MySQL Database, jQuery
  4. Use of online service Bitbucket and Github, knowledge of SEO basis
  5. Capability of developing product, rising the demand of the product on the platform of online market
  6. Persuading capability and confident troubleshooting sense
  7. Growth hack mindset, verbal and writing expertise
  8. Vivid marketing planning, up to date news and results
  9. Confidence, honesty, focused and self motivating capability
  10. Assurance of confidentiality, love for work and diplomatic power of tackling problems
  11. Analytically problem solving and flexibility in customer service and communication.
  12. Maximum understanding of website designing and aesthetics
  13. Experience in working with code versioning tools like Mercurial, Git and debugging tools like Firebug, and Chrome inspector.
  14. High experiences in project management.

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These skills will make your proposal more pungent and enchanting. The more you are skillful, the more you are near to your dream job. Now we are going to provide you with a job description and two proposal samples for your convenient.

WordPress Developer Proposal Sample for Freelancer (01)

Hello there!

It’s (write down your name) from (write down your belonging country). Lately, I have become acquainted with your circular and it instantly grabbed my attention. As I am a WordPress developer, working for 4 years in this sector, there is a chance you give a consideration.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science From a well known university. Hence, I possess almost all skills needed to handle your project smoothly. With some back end knowledge, I seize other skills like PHP, HTML, Front End, microsites and what not. Again, implementation of website functionality through utilizing javascript framework with polished motive is another appreciable skill of mine.

Again, my works have always been appreciated by all my clients because of my sleek communication and smooth handling of projects. From managing technical integration with the third party services to ensuring the site performing with maximum capacity, I slay it all. In my work I have always prioritized the client’s desires and surely you will also not regret hiring me.

Therefore, I hope after reading above all you will give your back to me and let me handle your project feeling at ease.

Thank you.

Wordpress Developer Proposal Sample

Hidden Tips:

  1. Make your proposal as a straight as a highway. Any kind of exaggeration may lead you to the destruction of your career. Your proposal should smell like real and raw just like the sample 1.
  2. Do not start to tell other irrelevant skills which have no use with the project of the job description. Otherwise this may be the reason of minus marking.
  3. Show your confident level. Do not fail it because confidence is superior to skills.

WordPress Developer Proposal Sample for Freelancer (02)

It’s (write down your name).

I have been working as a professional WordPress developer and in other related sectors for about 6 long years. Among thousands of specialists in this sector, what differs me from others is my problem solving methods.

My uniqueness in creativity and transparency in my work brings positive sights about me to my clients. All of my clients never remained unsatisfied with my works. Being an expert in PHP, CSS or HTML and WordPress I annex adequate knowledge in maintain websites.

Furthermore, my efficiency in monitoring, supervising and working as a team player in a project is quite impressive. I have also control over using J Query and PSD2HTML and UI and UX designing, act as the additives in convincing the clients. For me hard work is a must even when someone possesses all desired skills and I never show procrastination in it.

So, if you think I am capable enough then hire me and let me serve you the best version of me.

Thank you.

Wordpress Developer Proposal Sample

Hidden Tips:

  1. This sample starts with hinting a code number. If any job description provides a code number, do not forget to put it. Otherwise you will lose the chance of showing the first impression.
  2. A bit diplomacy can be shown on the proposal as it is a part of your skills as well.
  3. Be persuasive in nature while writing the proposal. It will represent your long years of experiences of this sector which will create a huge impression to the hiring manager.
  4. Show your client about your excitement and interest about the project. Also, you can invite him over a call to share your thoughts about the project through the proposal.

Sample 01: Job Posting on WordPress Developer

Wordpress Developer Proposal Sample

Sample 02: Job Posting on WordPress Developer

Wordpress Developer Proposal Sample

Wordpress Developer Proposal Sample

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