Freelancer Success

Freelancer Success


  • 219 Pages and 31 Lessons (2021)
  • Create an Attractive Profile
  • Describe a Killer Proposal with Templates
  • Win Job at the first Bid (Hidden Hacks)
  • Secrets to Earn $10K+ USD per Month
  • Strategical Interview Tips & Tricks
  • How to Sustain Job Success Score 100%
  • All Future Updates of this Book will be Free
  • Live Examples

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Customers Review

Robert J.
Robert J.
United States
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Hello! My name is Robert and I am a full time Digital Marketer on I found this book "Freelancer Success" about 06 months ago and I ordered a copy with $10. Frankly speaking this book has changed my life and now I am doing freelancing full time in I can easily earn enough to support my family. I get freedom and can take care of my 2 years baby boy doing freelancing. Once I thought freelancing is not recommended for the US people but this book has changed my mind. One can easily earn $10K+ money doing freelancing. This book really worth enough and my $10 buying money returned as $10K USD salary. Thanks to God.
Yamini Kaul
Yamini Kaul
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Hello! My name is Yamini Kaul, from India. I am an Article Writer and working $25/hr at For the last 02 years I have been working $10-$15 per hour as I thought Article Writing job has no value. Last year I bought the eBook “Freelancer Success” and after reading the hidden strategy of freelancing I changed my hourly rate to $20 within 15 days. Today I am working $25/hr as an Article Writer. I recommend every Indian should buy this book and earn enough money to support the country. We the Indian like to be the top freelancers in the world. This book is only $10 and one can learn $10K+ USD strategy of freelancing.
United Kingdom
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Hi there! I'm Nicholas from the UK. I am a Data Entry Expert working at for more than 5 years. I have been doing Data Analysis for more than 2 years. I charge my clients nearly $10 per hours as the market was too much competitive and getting job was too much hard. One good news for all that I got random interview calls from my clients with job offers for the last 06 months. And the only reason behind this the eBook “Freelancer Success”. At first I did not know how to apply wisely. Finally this book told me the truth and now I am a pro bidder. I can win jobs in each bid now. I believe every freelancer should read this book.
Jennifer C. Lewis
Jennifer C. Lewis
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Hello, I'm a Jennifer from Canada. I am expert in Video Presentation & Graphic Presentation, 2D Animation Making, Text Video Presentation, and PPT Presentation. I worked for local companies in my city and I was searching for an opportunity to show my expertise in the world. However the Book “Freelancer Success” made my dream come true. Today I am working $30/hr at and I have 03 permanent clients who will hire me forever. This Book just made my life. I recommend my brothers and sisters from Canada to buy this book and participate in the world competition.

Product Details

The “Freelancer Success” is the world’s first complete book that was written on in 2021. This is a complete 219 pages eBook where you will find a complete guide to start freelancing and earn money in a week. The 20+ experienced freelancer Daxmin Zolaxy is the honorable writer of this book “Freelancer Success”.

For the Covid-19 situation, most of the people are staying at home now and the Freelancing can be a good earning source by working at home. Nobody will guide you to start freelancing in a real and authentic way. There are so many hidden hacks that you should know to get your first job in the first bid. This book will exactly show you all these hidden secrets to win jobs in

What's Inside

  • This book will show Profile Checking Logarithm?
  • What to do after getting failed again and again? (IP tracking system)
  • What to do for approving at the profile at the first review?
  • What to avoid in your profile to make it more professional.
  • How Bans profile ans why?
  • How to Create a Killer Profile
  • Hidden Strategy to Earn $10K+ per Month
  • Live Examples of Freelancer Portfolios
  • How to Write a Professional Proposal
  • How to Deal with Interview Questions
  • How to Force your Client for Interview
  • How to Write Professional Freelancer Titles
  • How to Write an Professional Profile Summary
  • How to Deal with Disputes and not get Banned
  • How to Sustain Job Success Score 100%
  • How to Win Job in Each Bid from the Beginning
  • How to Manage Clients for Long term Project
  • Cover Letter Examples with Templates
  • Best Alternative of
  • How to Get Your First Job in Freelancer
  • When to Apply and How to Apply?
  • How to Create an Action Plan for a Client

Special Features

  • How to use tricky sentences? (See inside the book)
  • Get your first job at your first apply! (Proven)
  • 7 Mistakes to Avoid when applying
  • Give your clients VALUE so that they can hire you
  • How to give value in only by the proposal letter?
  • 6 Types of jobs you should not apply (Inside the book)
  • Create an Action Plan that will increases the job winning score 80% (Templates Inside)
  • How to write a professional Action Plan?
  • How to use “question hacky methods” in your proposal so that client happily knock you?
  • How to write a catchy cover letter to attract your clients?
  • Technically force your client to call for interview (Your client won’t understand)
  • What attachment is needed for a perfect proposal? (Examples Inside)
  • How to give value to your clients only by words? (Words are the main weapon)
  • How to Find a Perfect Job for your skill level?
  • How to apply and when to apply?
  • Strategy of choosing the right jobs, reliable clients and big organization for long term job opportunity.
  • How to create an agency and work as a team?
  • How to increase your hourly rate?
  • How to measure your clients?
  • How to use your time wisely?
  • Hidden Tricks Inside

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