What is Keywords in SEO Ranking (Quick Explanation)

What is Keywords/Site Ranking?

Everyone wants to rank their sites in search engines. So the first question is “rank for which keywords”. That means you have to rank your site for some certain keyword/keywords or phrases. And when people will search for those certain keywords, they will find your site. That is called the site ranking.

Let’s see and example;If you search by “american health consultants” you will find “www.ahcmedia.com” in the first page. That means the site “www.ahcmedia.com” is ranked for the keyword “american health consultants

Let’s see another example; suppose our main two keywords are “Massage Motu” and “Spa Massage Therapy” and our site address is www.massagemotu.com

We want that when people search by “Massage Motu” or “Spa Massage Therapy” each time our site will be shown in the first page of search result.

Now please search by this keyword “Spa Massage Therapy” in google. You will not find our site in the first page, but we want that when people search by “Spa Massage Therapy” our site will be visible in the first page, so that we can get a large number of permanent organic traffic from search engines

How much keywords will you choose?

Like this one should have only 3 to 5 major keywords for their site. And they should work for these keywords and gradually rank one by one. SEO is a gradual process. It may take times to be ranked

How to choose perfect keywords for your site?

First please consider the main theme of your site. Then consider the Mission, Aim, Services, Area, Business Category, Target, Structure, Future Plan, Business Plan, Economical Condition etc. Then choose or create 8 to 10 keywords in your mind. Then do a lot of research on it by yourself or with a help of a Freelancer. And finally find out 3 to 5 major keywords for your site/business.

How difficult is choosing keywords?

Keywords choosing are the most critical task in the present time. If one can choose the perfect keywords/niche, 70% of his success will be done.If one fails to choose the perfect keywords, his success will take a huge amount of time and extra work. Keyword Research and Market Research are one of the highly talented works in the online marketplace.

What is Keyword Research and Market Research?

One may think that choosing a niche and keyword is a very easy task. But no, it is not an easy task at all. There are many things in here. Market Competition, Traffics, Searches, Traffic Sources, Traffic Quality, Competitors, Demand, CPC, CPA, Bidding, Future Existing, Ups and Downs, Areas, Currency etc have to be considered in keyword researching.

Importance of SEO in Internet Marketing

Internet is the best marketplace to generate sells and traffics. If one can find out the proper sources of traffic and if one can do proper marketing there, he must be able to success in his business. There are so many methods of internet marketing. Among them SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the best source of permanent online marketing.

Everyday millions of people search in the search engines (google, yahoo, being) for their desired contents. Different people have different wishes. And people search in the search engines by their desired keywords. And they can see 10 results each page and they take one of them and fulfill their desire. For this reason all organizations always try to be in the first page of google search. Search engines generated traffics are called organic and permanent traffic because 65% of these traffics generally do shopping from their searches. So search engine optimization and search engine marketing is the best way to generate traffics and sells.

Hope I can make you understand about keyword ideas and the importance of Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research and Search Engine Marketing.

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