Basic Internet Marketing

Course Requirements

• Course Fee: 15000 tk (210$)
• One passport size photo
• Full details according to any certificate
• One highly interested person
• One PC and one internet connection
• Basic English Knowledge
• Ability to remain awake at night

Course Services

• 3 step classes (100% guarantee)
• Fixed Classes (Front or Skype and Team-Viewer)
• Online Group Class (Lifetime)
• Skype Support Class (Lifetime)
• Job Guarantee 100%
• International Certificate
• Lifetime Membership

Starting Knowledge:

  1. What is online and internet?
  2. How to be connected with online?
  3. What is online job?
  4. Who posts online/wants online job?
  5. Where to find online job?
  6. What is online interview?
  7. What is online profile/CV to get job?
  8. How to face with clients and proper way of interview?
  9. How to apply in the proper way?
  10. How to get online job and get hired by the client?
  11. How to fulfill the job?
  12. How to submit the job?
  13. How to take your payment ($ Dollar)
  14. How to open international bank account?
  15. How to transfer your dollar $ into your account?
  16. How and where to sell your dollar and get taka? ($1=76tk.)
  17. How to get international credit card?

Internet Marketing:

  1. What is Internet Marketing?
  2. Why to internet marketing?
  3. Present value of internet marketing?
  4. Who needs internet marketing?
  5. What are included in internet marketing?
  6. How to do perfect marketing?
  7. Why clients need internet marketing?
  8. Why will clients pay us?
  9. Difference between internet marketing, direct marketing, etc.
  10. What is PPC, CPC?
  11. What is adds earning?
  12. What is affiliation?
  13. What is SEO?
  14. What is SEM?
  15. What is SMM?
  16. What is IM?
  17. What is Ranking?
  18. What is is Domain and Hosting?
  19. What is website in details?
  20. What is Google PR and Alexa?
  21. What is traffic?
  22. Why people need traffic and drive traffic?
  23. What is coding (HTML, CSS, PHP…..)?
  24. What is CMS?
  25. What is cpanel?
  26. What is admin panel?
  27. Space, traffic, server, email, database, uptime…..?
  28. What is Black hat work?
  29. What is white hat work?
  30. What is search engine?
  31. What is google and how it works?
  32. What is google panda?
  33. What is google penguin?
  34. What is google hamming bird?
  35. What is crawling?
  36. What is indexing?
  37. What is off page and backlinking?
  38. What is google penalty?
  39. What is search results?
  40. What is search appearances?
  41. What is Direct Traffic?
  42. What is Organic Traffic?
  43. What is referral traffic?
  44. What is quality traffic?
  45. What is Bounce rate?
  46. Do follow and No follow Links?
  47. What is meta tags?
  48. How to check and fix meta tags?
  49. What is browsers and how it works?
  50. What is add-ones?

On-Page Optimization:

  1. What is Keyword?
  2. What is Keyword Research?
  3. What is Market Research?
  4. Which keywords will be perfect for us?
  5. Which one will be low competitive, analyze, research, everything?
  6. HTML formatting, Meta tag optimization?
  7. H1 – h6, meta keywords, meta description, title?
  8. Anchor texing and full optimization.
  9. Full page optimization, green seo?
  10. Title optimization, h tag optimization, img optimization, traffic fellow ?
  11. KW proximity, appearance, stop words, user friendly, etc.
  12. Site map creation and submission
  13. What is robots.txt?
  14. Site submission and indexing?

Off-Page Optimization:

  1. Visitor Flow: We have to gather a lot of visitor to our web site
  2. Alexa Rank: We have to come to an alexa rank so that it can be trusted soon.
  3. Google PR: We have to rank in GPR for honor.
  4. SE Submission: We have to do all search engine submission
  5. Promote: We have to promote our site day by day
  6. Traffic Gathering
  7. Full Search Engine Marketing
  8. Full Social Media Marketing
  9. Full News and Blog Sharing
  10. Full Email Marketing
  11. Full Directory Sharing
  12. Full Forum Sharing
  13. Full Advertising
  14. Rull RSS submission
  15. Market Analysis and Competitor Finding
  16. Low competitive powerful keyword selecting
  17. Visitor Motivation through social medias
  18. Spreading our thoughts
  19. Full Local Listing
  20. Webmaster and Analytics Research
  21. Search Appearance Building and Link Building
  22. We have to do 100+ SMM with Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, youtube, etc
  23. Increasing our fans and members
  24. 10000+ Bookmarking submission so that people can easily find us.
  25. Add posting through the relevant sites.
  26. Web 2 blogging and Link wheel building.
  27. Tag Submissions and anchoring
  28. Url pinging, rss submissions, promoting and sharing
  29. Strong back linking?
  30. Link wheel creation?
  31. Much More marketing strategies.

Social Media marketing:

  1. What is social media marketing?
  2. How to do SMM?
  3. How to increase fb likes?
  4. How to increase fb traffics?
  5. How to increase twitter followers?
  6. How to increase twitter twittes?
  7. How to increase youtube likes?
  8. How to increase youtube subscribers?
  9. How to increase youtube followers?
  10. Instant traffics?
  11. Why need smm?
  12. Future of smm?
  13. Strategy of smm?
  14. Smm site list full?
  15. Classified add posting site?
  16. Posting formats?

Email Marketing:

  1. What is email marketing?
  2. Importance of email marketing?
  3. Why client want this?
  4. How to do email marketing?
  5. What is email marketing template?
  6. What is spaming?
  7. Email tray? Alerts?
  8. Future of email marketing?
  9. How to collect emails?
  10. A to Z email marketing

SEO Tools and Softwares:

  1. What is seo tools?
  2. Google webmaster full?
  3. Google analytics full?
  4. Backlink checker?
  5. Alexa checker?
  6. Copyscope and Plagiary tools?
  7. Email execrator (Price: 1500tk.)[I will give you free]
  8. IP hiding Soft (Price: 1800 tk.) [I will give you free]
  9. Alexa Addons
  10. Informentar addons
  11. Flash blocker addons
  12. All kinds of software what you need.

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