Basic Office Program

Course Requirements

• Course Fee: 3,000 tk ($43)
• One passport size photo
• Full details according to any certificate
• One highly interested person
• One PC and one internet connection
• Basic English Knowledge
• Ability to remain awake at night

Course Services

• 3 step classes (100% guarantee)
• Fixed Classes (Front or Skype and Team-Viewer)
• Online Group Class (Lifetime)
• Skype Support Class (Lifetime)
• Job Guarantee 100%
• International Certificate
• Lifetime Membership

Course Details

1. What is Computer and its function?

2. What is Windows and Operating System (OS)

3. MS. Word (Function and Works)

4. MS. Excel (Function and Works)

5. MS. Power Point (Function and Works)

6. MS. Access (Function and Works)

7. How to Design Page Cover?

8. How to Create Video Animation?

9. How to Create Marriage Invitation Card?

10. How to Create Database?

11. How to Create School Management Software?

12. How to Write Official CV.

13. How to do Office Maintenance?

14. How to do page Bordering and Styling?

15. How to do Printing?

16. How to do Text Designing?

17. How to do Image Designing?

18. How to do Text Introduction?

19. How to do Calculation?

20. Row and Sell Maintenance?

21. How to do Web Publishing?

22. How to do Table Maintenance?

23. How to do Heading Maintenance?

24. How to make Paying Sleep?

25. How to do Admit Card, Certificates, etc.?


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