How to Get First Job on Upwork (100% Real Secret)

Are you new to the land of upwork? If so, we welcome you in upwork. But as a new worker surely you are facing some troubles to get your first job. There is nothing to worry as long as we are here to provide you with all the strategy on “how to get first job on upwork”. Our real tips will help you to get your first job on upwork and start making money through it. Just keep patience and follow all of our instructions carefully. Read this article to the end because we have really a helpful guideline to the new freelancer to get their first job.

Let’s see the tips to get your fist job on Upwork. Here you will find some steps to reach your goal. Follow these steps and you will find yourself on the top of your expectation.


Make Your Profile a Brighter One

The very first step to get your first job on upwork is to make a bright and attractive profile. It is very easy to make a profile, but it is really very difficult to make it an attractive one. A damn profile is surely going to damn your career as a freelancer also. So, be conscious of making a good and presentable profile so that your client may be pleased with your personality and feel tempted to hire you. Here you go with some effective tips of the important things that really matter to your client and to your job.

  • Overview:

    Overview is the most important things of your profile that will set you apart from the other contractor. So, think over it what you should write in this overview part to make your client attracted. Focus on your skill that may be helpful for your client. Ask yourself why your client should hire you over the other worker. Ask yourself and answer it in the overview smartly. Make an overview of three or four paragraphs and try to stick within 1000 characters. Too lengthy overview will destroy your focus. Don’t make it boring with unnecessary words.

  • Profile Picture:

    Oh, you know it very well that there is hardly any chance to meet your client directly to impress him. But your profile picture is that important think that will work like a bridge between you and your client. Your client will be able to see you through your picture. You must bear in mind that a picture speaks a thousand of words. So, it is very important to think deeply while choosing a profile picture. Don’t put here any serious, sober or reserved image of you. Rather a smiling face is liked by all. After all a smiling face is preferred by any client to a thousand of words.

  • Setting up your hourly rate:

    Really, it’s a very embarrassing thing to discuss about. But we cannot ignore it or your client. There are many clients who judge a worker according to their working rate. So, you must set your rate wisely while bidding. If you are confused about what your rate should be then check out other employees rate. But we recommend you to set a reasonable price always. Remember that if your price is too low it will make the impression that your working quality is also very low. On the other hand if you bid too high you will lose many clients because of their budget. So, bid reasonably to get your first work on upwork.

  • Build up a strong Resume:

    Your resume works as a showcase of your skill and experience. So, don’t forget to skip a single skill of yours. Arrange all of your skills in a Descending way. Remember that your client will judge you with every detail you put on here. So, build up a strong resume to catch up the attention of your client. Simply make a list of them. Also include the information of how long you have been using these skills in your past.

  • Take test and show result:

    You know there are some clients who take your tests into a great account. There are a lot of tests in freelancing. You must take the tests relevant to your work. Tests reflect your specialty.  It is very necessary to take tests and show your result to the clients. And the best way of it is to show your result on the top of your profile. It is really very helpful to impress your client and to get the first job on upwork.

  • Create a Portfolio:

    Try to create an effective and rich portfolio. Clients often look over it to verify your experience. If you don’t have enough work to make a portfolio then you must work for it. It is like a key to your job. You cannot ignore it at all. To enrich your portfolio you may start your own website and work in it and start a blog to show your client your skill.


Remain Active Always

There is no room for laziness in the land of freelancing. If you remain inactive you will lose many opportunities. So, try to remain active as much as possible. Concentrate on your work and overcome your laziness. You can also see: Killer tips on getting hired on upwork.


Respond Quickly

You know what, a quick response is liked by all. So, whenever your client is trying to contact with you make a quick response. Don’t keep him waiting for long. Otherwise your client will turn opposite to hire another worker for his project. So, your time of response really matters to your clients.


Keep Patience and Don’t Give Up

Really it’s an important thing to keep patience in freelancing when you are a completely new worker. It will take time to get your first job. Till then be patient and try to get hired. Your first jobs will really take some time but gradually you will see that you are getting hired fast. Generally it takes two or three weeks to get the first job and then one or two weeks for the second. Thus the time reduces to be hired. So, don’t give up hope. Stick to your work. Hard times will go on soon. And you will be hired shortly. Be optimistic and self confident. Believe it that success is only for you.

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Carefully Read the Job Description

To get your first job you must read the job posts carefully. Try to understand what your client actually needs from you. You also make a research of your clients to get a clear idea of your client’s work and so on.


Make a Killer Proposal

You must make a killer cover letter for getting your first job. If you may impress your client by your cover letter it will be very easy for you to get the job. Highlight all your important skills and experience regarding your work. Explain your client how you may be an asset for him. Make him believe that you are the only person to meet his necessity. Make your proposal a smart one to attract your client. Don’t use any template anywhere. Always try to make a unique piece of writing of your own.


Focus on Feedback, Not on Money

To get your first job you must focus on the feedback of your clients. Forget about money at the first time. You will be able to make a lot of money later. But your first target is to make your profile heavy with experience. So, do your job with your best attempt. Give time to your work. Make it improve as much as possible. Always ask your client for a reasonable wage and ask him for feedback. Use these feedback to improve your works.


These are all the strategies to get your first job on Upwork. Read through the instructions carefully and apply these while preparing you for your job. Surely, you are going to be a successful freelancer. If you like our tips and find it helpful don’t forget sharing our website with others. All the best wishes for your career as a freelancer.

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