Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample for Upwork Proposal

This Upwork proposal sample graphic designer plays the role of a ticket to get the freelancer’s dream job. A perfect cover letter is a key to enter into your dream world of freelancing. When you are writing an Upwork graphic design cover letter, you must show your creativity through the style and words of your cover letter because you’re biding on a creative post. Let’s see: Graphic Designer Profile Overview Sample.

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Let’s see the best Upwork cover letter sample for graphic designers to determine yourself for writing your own proposal on Upwork. The recruiter must get a clear concept of your skill and confidence via your proposal letter. So, be conscious about writing a killer cover letter of Graphic Designing.

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Graphic Design Cover Letter: Hidden Tips?

Are you interested in the hidden tips of writing a killer graphic design cover letter? Yes, that is; Write attractive answers to your Upwork proposal screening questions. These questions appear first at your clients’ end then the cover letter. If you cannot write satisfying answers, the recruiter will never move to your cover letter. We will provide you with all the strategies so that your client will be satisfied and call you for the interview. Follow our techniques that will distinguish the cover letter from the others.

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Graphic Design in Depth

Before learning the rules of writing a cover letter especially for Graphic Designer you must know at first what Graphic Design actually means to get an idea of what your recruiter wants from you.

Okay, Graphic Designing actually indicates conveying your message or ideas through graphic images using visual media. Every Graphic Designing work will tell you a story through images with the purpose of promoting products, activities, ideas, or communication. It also includes Using HTML coding for e-mail invitations and announcements, Experience producing brochures, advertisements, and newsletters, Strong creativity, and mastery of a variety of graphic design software.

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So, when you are applying for such a task, your cover letter is the most important part of your interview process. That is why you may utilize your creativity as a designer here in writing a cover letter also. Design your cover letter in an attractive and smart way so that your recruiter gets pleased at first glance. Now, let’s see two samples of a good cover letter of a Graphic Designer.

01. Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Graphic Designer 

Dear Mr, Clare

I have learned through your circular that your graphics department currently needs a professional designer with demonstrated creativity and technical skills along with a strong desire to continually learn and to succeed. In response to it I am offering myself for the vacant post. I have a sharp proficiency with web design software and design program. I have satisfied most of my clients with my creativity. Graphics design is an art by which one can easily express so many meanings of it. It adds so many extra outlooks to an ordinary creation. I am ready to provide all types of graphics regarding logo, banner, animation, cartoon, 3D images, etc.

Please consider the following aptitudes of me as a candidate:

  • A Master of Fine Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in the specific subject of Graphic Designing.
  • Thesis on advertising photographs on the cultural program.
  • The adeptness of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Image Ready, CSS, Word Press, Quark Xpress web etc.
  • Admirable achievement in team management and Customer Care.
  • Agility in visual strategy, layout development, and electronic
  • Three years of practical experience in Graphic Designing and animation programs.
  • Passion for designing and creative work.

Besides, I have a number of graphics works online that I have done in these years. I have attached the link to these portfolios that will help you get a clear idea of my creativity. My educational and professional experiences prove the eligibility of my work. I firmly believe to be able be an asset to your project.

You may also review my resume attached here. Please feel free to contact me if you have anything to know about me. I am always available in my email and skype.

Thank you for your kind consideration. I’ll be waiting for your response for further process.
Yours Faithfully

Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample for Upwork Proposal
Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample for Upwork Proposal

02. Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample for Organization

In this case, you must follow some traditional rules and format for your cover letter. Generally, a small, simple but effective cover letter is required in such a phase. So, you must make it brief and go with only the required information just as your client demand like the format below of an organizational jobs’ cover letter:

Your Name:
Mailing Address:
Your Email:
Your Phone:

Employer’s Name:
Employer’s Address:

Date: 01-01-2022

Dear [Client Name]
1st Para: The job name you are applying for, job source, your interest, etc
2nd Para: Your skills, work experiences, education, and success summary
3rd Para: Your goal in this project, your guarantee, honesty, work process and time schedule
4th Para: Thanks the client, communication Medias, ready to work
Yours Sincerely
[Your Name]

Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample for Upwork Proposal
Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample for Upwork Proposal

How to Write the Best Graphic Design Cover Letter

Now let’s learn the tips how to write an outstanding and effective cover letter of Graphic Design.

01. Personalize your letter

Make your letter alive so that throughout the letter the recruiter may feel your presence. You must make a formal presentation of yourself through your letter. So. Outline your cover letter in a way that you are portraying yourself there.

02 Specific Address

It is always better to address your recruiter directly. You must find it out who is actually hiring yourself. Don’t address as “To whom it may concern” or something like that. After all, it’s common addressing. So, in order to make a distinguish cover letter avoid these common types of addresses. Make your research to know about your recruiter and address them specifically.

03. Consistent Writing

Be consistent with your writing from the very first line to the last. You cannot change your style according to your wish. It will greatly damage your letter. So, select your style wisely and represent yourself coherently showing all the best qualities you have for the job.

04. Highlight your skills

In your letter, you must highlight your skill, your working experience, and your academic qualification. Always try to make your reader believe how much you love your work and enjoy it. Express your passion for design.

05. Regarding Portfolio

Okay, to say about the portfolio, you need not add it directly with your cover letter. Rather you may highlight the portfolios that you have worked on reassuring your reader about your quality and experience. If you can have any online portfolio, attach the link with your cover letter. It will draw the attention of your recruiter.

06. Recheck

After finishing writing your cover letter, don’t forget to recheck your letter again and again. It will help you find out the errors and to improve your strength of words by editing. Really, it’s a good habit to revise your letter before pressing the send button.

07. Designing

To write a cover letter for Graphic Design, the design of your cover letter itself is very important. So, furnish your language and your letter in an attractive way so that your letter itself says that it’s a letter of design.

08. Give time

Never hurry to write a cover letter. You have to spend enough time to make your letter exclusive and admirable. Think deeply about what you should highlight, make an outline, write it carefully and revise it to edit and improve.

So, you see these all are good techniques to write a killer cover letter for Upwork Graphic Design. Follow these instructions carefully and surely you will be able to write an exclusive cover letter that will bring your fortune.

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