Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Graphic Designer

This Upwork profile overview sample for graphics designer is very much important because a perfect profile overview is very much demandable for upwork jobs in the constantly changing world of graphic design. Let’s see: Graphic Designer Cover Letter Sample.

One striking overview and the recruiter is compelled to hire you anyway. But before that, you have to earn knowledge by reviewing the job posts and what a client expect from you before handing you any project. First of all, as a graphic designer you should establish a profile picture which is crystal clear but professional in nature.

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You can add your own charisma in that profile picture to attract your client and it would be considered as the first best impression of yours but again, strictly avoid any kind of exaggeration and make it simple within gorgeousness. Then you add the basic skills which are prominent to get this job. Among them:

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  1. Power of creativity and imagination
  2. Use of Adobe illustrator
  3. Photoshop, InDesign, Print Design, Web Design
  4. Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe CS
  5. Microsoft Office suite
  6. Typography, CSS, photography, Powerpoint
  7. Knowledge in developing graphics, visual images, audio, business cards, logo design, word press
  8. Skill in presenting vague data in a transparent way to the customers
  9. Minimal knowledge of coding and programming language like HTML, C++, fundamentals of Java can be added to value your market face in a better way.
  10. Ability of branding
  11. At least three years of experience

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After showcasing your impressive skills, you take part on persuading your client by expressing your devotion and dedication for the job. Also make your client believe that you are worth for the job and ready to satisfy them with your excellent imaginative power and immense creative capability. Also, do not forget to add the attachments of your previous works as a proof of your good and appreciable demands among the ex clients. Do not start to share anything that is personal and unprofessional because there is no time to hear your personal view point of life to the clients. Keep your overview simple with some catchy keywords and as professional as it should be. Now that, you know what to write and what not to write in the overview, let us take a glance of two samples of the profile overview for the graphic designers.

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Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Graphic Designer (Sample 01)

Hello! I am working as a graphic designer from last 3+ years and have an exceptional knowledge in developing graphics, audio and visual images for product illustrations, logos and websites. I am passionate and enthusiastic to design and have the capability to create extraordinary designs with high visual impact according to the needs and requirements of the clients.

Besides, I have the awareness of the competitive business environment and can think creatively and have the capability to develop new designs, concepts and layouts that fit the clients’ needs which will stand out the competition. I have exceptional knowledge of colors, images, text style, and layout and can develop designs for small businesses, large corporations and individuals.I always keep me up to date with industry leading software and technologies that means I have up to date knowledge of Design, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Clients have the promise to get their work on time. I can work on several projects at a time.

My Skills

  1. Logo Design
  2. Photoshop
  3. Illustrator
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Web Design
  6. Graphics
  7. Business Cards
  8. Word Press
  9. Vector Illustration
  10. Adobe Creative Suit

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Graphic Designer

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Graphic Designer (Sample 02)

Hi there. I am working as a professional graphic designer in this field for about 4 long years and have enormous proficiency in Adobe illustrator, Adobe Creative suite, Adobe Image ready, Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe CS and so on.

The best part is that, I have earned an exceptional creative knowledge by practicing tirelessly over these years and can produce unique peace of designs which can easily attract the customers as my work is deceptively simple and remarkable.

I don’t step back to take hard challenges, rather I work enthusiastically to tackle all the obscurities and would like to represent my work with great satisfaction of my clients.

Clients never get bored of my works as I come up with different thoughts and imaginations to make my work appealing to the customers. So, of course, it is your best advantage to hire me as your co-worker.

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Graphic Designer

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Graphic Designer (Sample 03) 

Hello, my name is (write down your name). So, I’ve gone through your job circular about hiring a graphic designer with higher requirements and I would like to apply for that vacant post as I have possessed all the requirements you’ve asked for.

I am a professional graphic designer and have been working in this field with having a strong background in Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, Print Design, Web Design, CSS and so on.

I’ve been roaming around in this sector for about 5 years and a pro at understanding the recent demands and techniques for the best quality of image, its development and transparency.

I have boundless skills in making thoughtful images, developing layouts and electronics and agility in visual strategy.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Designing and a course work related to this field.

Apart from this, I am a keen learner and always in search for new knowledge to develop my thoughts and creative power associated with my job. My previous clients were always found content and here is the attachment of my best works and its reviews and high rate (attach your work as a proof).

Also, I can assure you of best works and best position in this very competitive workstation only if you provide me the golden opportunity. 

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