Freelancer Proposal Sample & Example 2022

These professional proposal samples for freelancer 2022 will surely win the best freelancer job at the very first bidding of your cover letter. This article is a torch bearer to the freelancers who are out there, waiting for a job but cannot catch it because of the lacking of effective freelancer proposals.

Thousands of jobs are being advertised by the clients and Freelancer is one of the biggest marketplaces online. Don’t miss: Upwork vs Freelancer (Choose the Best)

Tricks to Write a Professional Freelancer Proposal

Well, in thousands of the freelancers you have to play some tricks to get a job and keep applying for jobs. It helps truly.

Quality plays a vital role in the proposal. And with quantity the quality of the proposal enhances twice. Here I will put two templates with real job postings and cover letters. Some tricks will be shown here too for your convenience of understanding.

0. Freelancer Profile Summary Samples

1. Data Entry Proposal Sample for Freelancer

2. Virtual Assistant Proposal Sample for Freelancer

3. Article Writing Proposal Sample for Freelancer

4. Web Developer Proposal Sample for Freelancer

5. Graphic Design Proposal Sample for Freelancer

6. SEO Expert Proposal Sample for Freelancer

7. WordPress Developer Proposal Sample for Freelancer

8. Digital Marketing (SMM) Proposal Sample for Freelancer

1. Freelancer Proposal Sample (Simple and Short)

This proposal is done by Justin. He is a freelancer of digital marketing and web designing. Let us just check out his way of making proposals with the job postings.

Project Details

Freelancer Proposal Sample & Example 2020

The Proposal

Freelancer Proposal Sample & Example 2020


Freelancer Proposal Sample & Example 2020

As you can see through this picture, the client hired Justin and paid $50 per hour

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The Template

According to the job description and Justin’s proposal here is template I got ready for you,

Hello (Client’s name)

(If you get invitation: Thanks for your invitation of the job.) It’s a pleasure to meet you. (short greetings may help sometimes. Then, 2-3 questions which are associated with job are asked. This depicts your knowledge about the work and capability of asking questions which can impress the client and by asking those questions you evoke your client to communicate with you)

(then, qualify yourself in this paragraph and tell them the requirements they have asked for are possessed by you. This will depict that you have read the job advertisement thoroughly and you are fit for the job.

Best regards
(your name)

Tips to Remember

  1. Short proposals are helpful if you illustrate your goal properly.
  2. You have to be conspicuous about the job description for that. For example, Justin addressed the client’s name even though in the job description the client did not mention his name but mentioned other things related to job. So when you add his name the client understands that you have already been to their sites and seen many reviews and comments and known his name.
  3. Track record and strong profile on Freelancer can make jobs to invite you for their need according to Justin.

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2. Listing up Proposal Sample for Freelancer

This proposal is from Susan and freelancing on proofreading and editor. Let us see the job advertisement first.

Project Details

Freelancer Proposal Sample & Example 2020

The Proposal

Freelancer Proposal Sample & Example 2020

The result

Freelancer Proposal Sample & Example 2020

It has been confirmed that Susan got the job as per her wish of amount and that is $165. She maintained the requirements the client had described on the job description. As it was a legal document, Susan took extra care to not change the meaning at all, rather took extra care on correcting and improving the sentence without changing the meaning of the sentence. As she was concerned about the time and done that job within only 2 hours, she compelled his client to pay extra $40 bonus by her extraordinary splendid job.

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The template

(Insert the Code Number: this is the real evidence that you go through the job description properly and this will increase your first impression)

Hi (Client’s name)

I would be very happy to work on your document immediately.

(to show your client that you have understood all the requirements, needs and goals of the project, list up the mentioned requirements of the job description and provide a list of how you would reach the goal with ease.)

(express your sagacity, wisdom and expertise associated with the job)

What you are going to receive:

(Illustrate, what you are going to provide them with and when the client should pick you up for the job.)

(provoke your client to message you back with some persuasive words and communicate with him to have a detailed conversation over the job)

Kind regards
(your name)

Points to be Remembered

  1. As the job description provides a code number to get proper proof that the freelancers are enough serious of the project and enough sagacious of the job. There you got your first impression. 
  2. Susan did a best thing by fixing a time frame. It is important to acknowledge your client when you can give your best time with best service.
  3. By listing up the requirements, Susan already won the second impression of the client because this proves that Susan understood the aim of the client and this brings comfort zone in between client and freelancer.

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Tips before you write up a proposal

In order to fulfill the structure of the proposal, you not only have to stick to the content, but also have to show them your accurate proficiency related to the job. You can also make a list of your developed and developing skills in a row with maintaining the strategic sequence. Thus the hiring client can comprehend your ability. You can follow the following tips to have some extra knowledge.

1. Find the perfect job

Not all the freelancing job you are skilled at for sure. It is important to find the perfect job that goes with your niche and you have enough proficiency in it. Only thus, you can satisfy your client. You cannot apply for a job for SEO being an expert of Graphic Designing if you do not have any knowledge in that.

2. Read the job requirements thoroughly

It is very much important to know that detailed requirements of the client. One haste movement may disappoint your client and fail you to win the job. Read it properly and ask relatable questions if you have any objection regarding that.

3. Assure them of your interview availability

Break the forth wall and tell your client exactly when you are free. Your client can match the interview time with yours and a successful meeting can be done for sure. As the templates also include the time-frame and clients have always been appreciating it, you should keep that in mind.

4. Try not to use generic responses

Clients always seek for unique and impressive proposals. So if you use a template for the lifetime, then change the habit with changing your template as well. This will help you immensely to get your job. You should have the capability to make your statement transparent and crystal clear in your proposal. Do not use extravagant gesture because this may disgust your client and then your extravagance would lead you to the dogs.

5. Give attention to the extra questions

Put extra effort if you find any questions on the job description and try to give relevant and discrete responses to those questions. Some do not notice it and jump into preparing for the proposal.

6. Add samples of previous works

This will enhance your proposal. Catch their attention by deceptive words and compel them to click your attachments of your previous works.

7. Do not be unprofessional and unfriendly

No harsh bold words are appreciable. Show nice, gentle and friendly approach so that your client find you as their comfort zone to work with.

8. Make it short and concise

Make the proposal short with good information. Do not add all the information about you. Add the information that is related to that project and keep it precise .

9. Be persuasive and pragmatic

A proposal for a project does not require your personal life’s events, its view and fatal. So do not be unprofessional and be very precise and persuasive in nature. Make your client believe that you work with dignity and you have practical knowledge in this field with full professionalism

Client’s Priorities in a Proposal

So when clients update a job for his vacant post, they want the freelancer to read the full description of it. They also want the freelancers to have a minimum knowledge about the company, its background and its procedure of working. A client has to read many proposals a day, so he wants a precise, time consuming but informative proposals from the proposals. Professionalism is the root thing he wants and some keywords to strike the proposal in an impressive way.

Do not Lie

Also, assurance of appeasement is in the top of the priority list of a client. Evidences or testimonials of your previous great works are investigated by the client as well, in case you lie in the proposal. Communication availability is another necessary thing, because communication gap may ruin the enthusiastic mentality of both client and job seeker.

So these are the prominent examples, tips and demands of the clients. A one fine proposal or cover letter can bring immense success in your freelancing career. So, before you write up a proposal, just take a glance of the templates of this site and follow the tips for your own convenience.

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