Virtual Assistant Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer VA

We will help you to write the best virtual assistant profile summary sample for Freelancer. If you want to be a successful Virtual Assistant, this is the right place for you. We are here to provide you with all the information that you need to know before creating freelancer profile. Let’s see: Virtual Assistant Proposal Sample.

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Day by day the demand of Freelance VA is increasing. Thousands of jobs are being posted everyday and only 50% of them are hired. Profile Summary is the most important thing because you will get the job from the client if he/she likes your profile. So, you need to be very careful while writing your Profile Summary for Virtual Assistant.

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For the best Profile Summary you have to represent yourself as much as you can. If you can create a good impression then the job is yours. We are here to show you the best VA profile Summary samples so that you can get 100% success at Freelancer.

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Special Tips on Writing a VA Profile Summary for Freelancer

  1. Your client is looking for the best VA and you have to show them that you are the perfect match so you have to know everything about VA
  2. Show that you are only a Virtual Assistant. Show your client what you are best at. You have to prove that you are the best match because you are going to be hired by a developer, or an engineer or a doctor or a video editor and so on
  3. Never copy-paste anything from anyone because you have to be 100% unique
  4. Do not put any organization name in your Profile Summary
  5. Avoid Salutation to the Client and be specific about you
  6. Write in not more than 300 words. Try to finish in 100-200 words
  7. Show the feedback that you have got previously
  8. Show that you have five years of experience with confidence though you have not
  9. Match your skills with the job post and look for the thing that the clients are hiring and write them on your Profile Summary
  10. You must prove that you can be trusted

Skills a Freelance Virtual Assistant Should Have for the Killer Profile Summary

You must know the roles of a Virtual Assistant. Try to know as much as you can and write them on your Profile Summary

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You have to assure your client that you know everything you are the best Assistant. The role of a VA may include Secretarial jobs, Data entry, Data analysis, Mail communication, Photo editing, Video editing, News Posting, Blogging, YouTube Content PPC, SMM, SEO, Ms Office works, Article/Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Responding to emails and phone calls, Scheduling meetings,Booking travel and accommodations, Managing a contact list, Preparing customer spreadsheets and keeping online records, Organizing managers’ calendars, Performing market research, Creating presentations, as assigned, Addressing employees administrative queries, Providing customer service as first point of contact, Coding etc.

  1. You must have good  at communication skills both in speaking and writing
  2. Be energetic and enthusiastic while dealing with your client
  3. Always use formal words
  4. Get best the knowledge about technology
  5. Be confident with your speech
  6. Be professional with your clients. Professionalism attracts the clients
  7. Win your clients trust with the information you put in your Profile Summary

What a Client Expects

  1. The best Profile Summary with skills and experience
  2. Perfect match for the job. Proficient knowledge about his offered job
  3. More and more experience
  4. Trust able workers
  5. A good rate for your support
  6. Good reviews and feedback of past job
  7. Right Price
  8. Good skills in communication and knowledge in Technologies
  9. Capability of creating new ideas coming out of the box

We brought some killer Virtual Assistant Profile Summaries so that you can build a successful career. Do not copy them exactly. Carefully read them and write the best one that suits you.

Virtual Assistant Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer (01)

I am an expert in Virtual Assistance. I am a hardworking and self-motivated assistant. I have a sound experience of six years as a Virtual Assistant. I am proficient in communication skills.

I work with honesty, sincerity and professionalism.You can have a check at my previous work. I have done all previous work with 100% client’s satisfaction and worked in many organizations.I have a great passion for working as a VA and I have been doing that for the last six years. I have gathered enough experience to meet your needs.

I am available 24 hours a day. You just sit back and put your trust in me. I can assure that I will be able to get your satisfaction. You can put your trust on because I am going to be your right choice as your VA

My Expertise

  1. Organizing Skills
  2. Communication skills
  3. Digital And Social Media Marketing
  4. Photoshop and Video editing
  5. Article/Content Writing
  6. Making News Reports
  7. Responding to phones and emails
  8. E-commerce
  9. Personal Assistance
  10. Customer Service
  11. Blog post editing and writing
  12. Generating Ideas
  13. Researching
  14. Product and Content Uploading

Virtual Assistant Profile Summary Sample

Virtual Assistant Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer (02)

Hello Sir,I am (Your name). I am a passionate freelancer in Virtual Assistance.I believe that the professionalism that I have added with my passion will bring me a good career. I have chosen my goal to be the best Virtual Assistant.

I am proficient in communication skills. I am 100% computer literate. I have a sound knowledge in language and grammar. I have finished my graduation in (your subject). I have been studying VA for the last five years and I always keep my eyes to welcome new ideas.

I have gathered more than six years of experience as a Virtual Assistant. I have done my previous works with 100% client satisfaction .I have also done Content and Article Writing in previously. You can have a look at my work success rate. Clients are very important to me and I am working to make them satisfied.

I work 24/7 for the client’s satisfaction. You can always find me on Skype and Viber. I can assure you that I am the best match for your job because you can put your faith in me.

Experienced in

  1. Article/Content Writing
  2. Updating Database
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Photoshop/Illustrator
  6. Scheduling appointments
  7. Customer Service Manager
  8. Making Presentation
  9. Proof Reading
  10. Data analyzing
  11. Data entry
  12. Data Management
  13. Data Collection
  14. Research

Virtual Assistant Profile Summary Sample

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