Graphic Design Proposal Example & Sample for Freelancer

Freelance graphic design proposal samples & examples are becoming the demanding template for the freelancer all around the world. On the battleground of freelancing, Graphic Design has always been considered as the most spectacular experience anyone can ever possess! Yes, you have heard just the right thing. Let’s see: Graphic Designer Profile Summary Sample.

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Every freelance graphic designer has their unique style with different marvelous and tremendous ideas with the topic and extraordinary ability to play with the colors. Therefore the competition in this sector is harder. Among millions of job proposals, you must have to put something way more different from other samples, if you want to be the selected one. So, if you are thinking of venturing in this terrific sector; you are required to have at least some basic knowledge with a standard experience about visual communication also known as graphic design.

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Skills Need to be Possessed

  1. Communication and speaking with clients are the first and foremost skill that will definitely help a freelance graphic designer in many different ways.
  2. Establishing consultation, rapport and understanding client’s artistic preference.
  3. Creating verbal communication, collaboration and receiving constructive criticism.
  4. Balancing artistry, aesthetic, visually representing artistry with audience appeal.
  5. Web designing and multiple programming languages including CSS and HTML and WordPress.
  6. Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Photo Editing
  7. Digital Design Software, Dreamwaver, Digital Design Software.
  8. Quark and QuarkXpress
  9. Flexibility, Multitasking, Decisive, Prioritizing, Critical thinking,
  10. Organizing skills, Deadline management, and Design strategy.
  11. Good choice of choosing Fonts, Layout, Spacing, Modifying designs.
  12. Sufficient Knowledge about color theory, color schemes color sense and composition.
  13. Accurate planning, projection and presenting.

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These are the least requirements a freelance graphic designer needs to be possessed. But there is hundred of more requirements that a client asks for. Because this is a kind of a sector where you can do nothing out of the blue without having some basic knowledge. Your strong ability to translate the requirements into your creative design and your creative flair in this sector can bring you your desired project with lots of money.

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You have to be more concentrated in your work. Because graphic design consumes the maximum time but if you utilize this time surely you will be the successful one. The more lucrative will be your work the more you will be able to grab the attention of the general people and the client.

Graphic Design Proposal Sample & Example (01)

Dear Mr. Galler,

Hello from (Write down your name). Recently I have seen a job proposal from you with all the requirements that I have achieved a long ago with wholesome experiences. I will be pleased working on your proposal.

I have graduated from Fine Arts with a satisfactory grade. Again I have several years of experiences for designing and development. Now this has become my only passion and therefore, I am stick on this sector for about 6 years.

I am expert in design software and technologies like Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and various other graphic media. I am also efficient enough at communicating and visualizing my works towards others methodically and within the deadlines. Moreover, I have a keen eye for details and aesthetics.

You will surely not regret hiring me and working with me as I am a creative designer with pitch ideas. I have done my all previous works by handling them smoothly and of course professionally. I respect all the reviews and criticisms about my work and I try my heart and soul to ameliorate them.

So, if you think I am compatible enough for this job then pick me.

Thank you.

Graphics Designer Proposal Sample for freelancer

Creative Tips:

  1. This proposal is a medium sized proposal with lots of enthusiastic words, so if the client see this much interest that will be definitely helpful to you.
  2. Also in this whole proposal there are no irrelative descriptions rather each and every word is influencing enough to be hired easily. So, Freelancer must choose the influencing words.
  3. Though in this proposal less skill has been shown but it is qualitative one because of its straightforwardness and effectiveness.
  4. Again through this sample the applicant can make a subtle communication with the client. So the client can already see his or her skill of communication needed in that sector in different ways and convinced enough to hire. So, be aware of this particular point.

Graphic Design Sample & Example (02)

Hello there!

It’s (write down your name). I am an artisan on graphic and web design platform. I have done my graduation complete on Fine Arts and also I have done several courses on this subject to boost up my knowledge and I have been working in this sector for more than 8 years.

From the basic knowledge like CSS, HTML, I possess many more skills like designing front end user interface Web solutions using Adobe Creative Suite and creating master pages, style guides, and master templates.

I have been in many Business Group as the freelance graphic designer to assist the marketing department and on-brand and print designer. I have handled projects that were mostly included identity package design and logo for clients. Worked as the illustrator, designer and instructional designer in many projects.

I have also participated in many brainstorming sessions to share my new design ideas and perspectives. All of my works are praiseworthy and all my clients were way more satisfied with my professionalism and my enthusiasm in my work. Thank you.


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Graphics Designer Proposal Sample for freelancer

Special Tips

  • As you can see from this proposal sample that, this one is for the professional one who really wants to work in this project. So, if you have this much experience then with the elaboration of your experiences show your deep urge n the writing that how much you are interested.
  • As you can see in the beginning of the sample that there is a code number to examine if you have read out the whole job description thoroughly or not as it is the first and foremost thing you should do without skipping a word.
  • In the whole sample there you would not find any irrelevant word so you must possess words only related to the subject.
  • When you attach your experience files to your proposal letter it will automatically make heavy the proposal in the case of priority. So, always try to attach your deeds to attract.
  • Do not put words in the letter that will lose interest of the recruiter to read out the whole letter let alone open the attachment.

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Graphics Designer Proposal Sample

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