Data Entry Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer

A professional profile summary can lead a data entry freelancer to the right path. In a profile, a summary of the profile is a must which appears first among the several sections.

As data entry has always been in the first row of online jobs, freelancers should understand the sublimity of creating a perfect profile summary because a client, while checking a profile, put his very first eyes on the profile summary segment. Let’s see: Data Entry Proposal Sample

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This data entry profile summary sample for freelancers is the convenience of what tricks they should learn to make their profile summary killer, lofty and eye-catchy. We are going to help you out with all the possible basics.

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Client’s Expectations on Freelancer’s  Data Entry Profile Summary

To write up a perfect profile summary you need to know the first and foremost interests of the clients. The purpose of the profile summary is to represent the skills, experiences and achievements in a short but effective manner.

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Elaboration of unnecessary things in a profile summary is also unwelcome. Remember, there are thousands of resumes an employer has to check out. So definitely, a client expects you to write up the profile summary with relevant skills and relevant achievements.

An employer wants a straightforward profile summary and no lingering on that point. A true and honest profile summary is always claimed by the employers.

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Avoid Mistakes on Data Entry Profile Summary of Freelancers

Mistakes are so common as it is human to err. But a little perseverance will assist you to not make any mistakes while writing up a profile summary.

Many freelancers do not understand their job but claim themselves as an expert. Avoid claiming false fame and be honest in your profile summary. If you are a newbie then persuade your client by making him believe in your extraordinary skills and talents. False claims can be fatal to your career.

Do not make your profile summary a big fat essay. “Short sentences but broad implications”,  should be the type of the summary. This is the key factor as well. Clients take it as a second impression and can judge your skills quickly.

Do not think of doing any kind of plagiarism for it brings destruction to a leading career. There is no good if you cannot remain honest and true. You should be honest with yourself as well. Ethics and morality can bring you good if you write up your profile summary blending those two gems.

Avoid grammatical mistakes as it annoys some of the employers in a huge way.  It is not funny. Some employers judge freelancers of their skills of writing by noticing the grammatical mistakes. So take this seriously for the sake of your job. 

Do not be unprofessional and indifferent to your job. Your profile summary should indirectly point the fact that you know your job perfectly and can handle it with full professionalism. It should be specified with relevant skills, experiences, earnings and high rates.

Now we are going to provide profile summary samples for the freelancers who are involved with the job sector of data entry.

Data Entry Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer (01)

I am a data entry expertise, adequate in data entry and order supporting with an immense ability in quick typing with 10-Key KPH typing speed and zero errors. I am efficient enough in

  1. Shipping, receiving operations, purchasing
  2. Abundant in MS office
  3. Google analytics and Quick books.
  4. Adept in many important following things
  5. Account Records Management
  6. Spreadsheet
  7. Database

Have software experiences in

  1. Excel
  2. Microsoft Word files
  3. PowerPoint
  4. Open Office
  5. Access

Again, I have an addiction of keeping customers and clients satisfied. Skilled with 10 years experience with the high rate reviews from the appeased clients. Seek for new experiences with the exquisite will of progressing, learning and gathering knowledge related to this sector. I have possessed a high portfolio with high demands and better understanding in ‘analytically problem solving methods.’

Also, I have proficiency in handling complex situations and shortcomings by generating diplomatic techniques.

Thank you for taking a glance at my profile.

Data Entry Profile Summary

Data Entry Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer (02)

I am a successful data entry specialist with an enormous knowledge in

  1. word processing (80 WPM),
  2. invoicing and inventory Systems
  3. CRM platforms, document storage and cloud based systems
  4. Accounts payable and receivable.

Possessed by a lofty skill of correcting deficiencies and errors of different data with full contemplation and re-create the compatibility within the very least time. I am confined with marvelous experiences in the data entry work sector for about 5 long years and on the verge of attempting the highest rate.

Got clients who are satisfied and I am infatuated of making customers happy by providing honest and true work. Summary my profile

  1. Superb reviews of the clients with five star rate along with rate still 98 percent
  2. High demands in the market place and on time rate still >=96%
  3. Bull’s eye in the data entry sector and keen to comprehend more complex works with no hesitation in shading more toils and labour.
  4. And +- 12% employer’s recommendation for all clients to me.
  5. 100% assurance of completing the work

Thank you for checking my profile.

Data Entry Profile Summary

Final Words         

As you can see, the profile summary is congested in nature but the effect is huge. That is why freelancers should pay a subtle eye on the profile summary to make it sublime and eye-catchy in nature. Its impact is immense. So, do not linger while writing a profile summary.

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