Virtual Assistant Proposal Sample Letter for Freelancer

This is the best virtual assistant proposal sample cover letter for Freelancer that has already win thousands of jobs in in last few months.Career as virtual assistant or VA is one of the brightest ways of making an easy freelancing life. To find a job for virtual assistance, you have to submit a killer proposal on the desk of the recruiter. Let’s see: Virtual Assistant Profile Summary Sample.

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But, writing a killer proposal is not easy if you have vague knowledge about your work. There are at least 20 or 25 thousand certified virtual assistants who have found their career by throwing a fine inducing cover letter by which the clients got easily flattered and handed over them the job.

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So, of course, the competition of a getting a job as VA is always getting tougher day by day and if you want your proposal to be selected among those 25 thousand applicants, you have to put forward a killer & professional cover letter.

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Virtual Assistant and his Work

VA or you can say, Virtual Assistant is a person who works virtually with his recruiter and he is self employed man. Also, he is a freelancer whose general works are to assist his recruiter providing operational or clerical support. They are also supposed to provide technical, professional ministerial, managerial, directorial, social creative assistance to the clients from sitting in home or remote places. They are, of course, not bound like the other freelancing employees working under the peer pressure. They consult their clients with comfort and lie there to help their clients whenever they need. Virtual assistants assist taking some measures on the behalf of the clients when the clients remain busy with other works.

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Skills a VA Should have

  1. Good communication skills, organization ability, meeting fixing capability
  2. Wisdom in true persuading
  3. Caliber in maintaining and developing blogs and websites
  4. Research and updated technical communication
  5. Time management and resourcefulness
  6. Instilling improved skills, confidence and managing expectations
  7. Writing content, article, blogs, press releases
  8. Edit and proofread articles, contents and job postings
  9. Planning and making business improvement strategy
  10. Persuading ability with the full trust of customers
  11. Experiences in working with great businesses online market
  12. Oversee bookkeeping and billing
  13. Creating lists of contact and customers spreadsheets with full sagacity
  14. Translating bilingual materials and completing market or internet search
  15. Checking customers authenticity through phone calls, chat or email
  16. Both online and offline promotion
  17. Managing appointment and schedule of clients
  18. Coordination with buyers, suppliers, visitors and suppliers with full consistency
  19. Harmony in work with clients and understanding capability
  20. Handling and transcribing documents
  21. Updated link up with job associated technologies.

Things to Avoid when Writing a Proposal for VA

While writing up a proposal you should keep in mind certain things which will help your career as a virtual Assistant in a better way. Plagiarism or copy paste is a hateful work. Use template instead. Don’t be unprofessional. Be pragmatic, enthusiastic, impersonal and formal. Try to be persuasive and diplomatic. Tackle your client’s complex questions using tactic ways. Do not pretend a smart-ass. Try to be decent and bold. Avoid all kind of unnecessary words and depicts your main skills associated with job. Do not write a whole big composition. Make it precise, time consuming and qualitative. Quantity matters less rather quality is the ultimatum of a proposal.

Virtual Assistant Proposal Sample (01)

Dear Hiring Manager,

I have read out your description thoroughly and have been wondering, how much capable I am for this work. I, as a virtual assistant, provide a great service to my every client with great hard work. I do not lie sluggishly on my couch and make false assumption of works rather I take my jobs seriously and do it with full attention and flow toils to make my clients content even from a remote place.

As a free worker, I do not misuse my power. I have full ethical and moral values related to my job. I have already done many projects with the full consent of my clients and have long 5 years experiences in this ground and hence this ground is instilling confidence and improvement in my work.

My management capability is worth sharing. I have full proficiency in manage marketing software as you have mentioned in the job description and also performed a lot of proofreading and editing jobs. I comprehend my works with full professionalism and have got an immense capability of understanding strategy of developing the business in a far better way. I understand the needs of customers, suppliers and buyers and the recent craze of online market as I keep myself up to date with technology and online portals.

Working with me would surely be a great experience and you would not regret, the guarantee is provided by me. Thank you.


(write down your name)

Virtual Assistant Proposal Sample

Tips for this Proposal     

  1. this proposal is little bit big in size. But note the important point in this proposal. No words related to other business but the words you need to express.
  2. Persuasive proposal it is, so to say. Client take it as an impression of yours and determine that you are good at persuade customers.

Virtual Assistant Proposal Sample (02)

Hi there.

My name is (write down your name). I have studied your job description with full concentration and came to know that you need a virtual assistant to assist your job with some requirements you have provided on the description. I would like to apply myself for that vacant post as I have possessed the qualities top to bottom.

I can manage Ontraport, MeetEdgar, I have full management and organization capability. I am pro at proofreading, editing, finding necessary email and compiling them with the urgency of the clients. I have mastered the strategy of online marketing. Also, I provide 60 hours service a week to my client.

It would be great experience if you pick me for your job with full trust. I am available on email, Skype, facebook messenger.

Thank you.
With great concern

Virtual Assistant Proposal Sample

Tips for this Proposal

  1. This proposal is precisely short and known as a qualitative proposal. Short sentences but the effect is big.
  2. Try to specify your skills like in this proposal. You can also make a list.
  3. Mention your availability and service time. Clients like to have these pieces of information about you.

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