Upwork Proposal Sample for Android Developer 2022

This upwork cover letter & proposal sample for android app developer 2022 will surely surprise you and gain you the desired job at the first bidding of android app developer job. Let’s see: Android Developer Profile Overview Sample.

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As technology is now spreading divinely all over the world in this new era, Mobile devices with its special applications have created a new work station. Software Developers are, that’s why, at a peak for specializing and designing applications for the market place of android and this kind of profession is acknowledged as the Android App or Mobile App or iOS developer.

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So to get a job as an Android App Developer you must be qualified with some terms related to this field and above all you have to induce your hiring manager/recruiter by presenting a fine cover letter. Here are some tips for creating your best cover letter.

Firstly, while writing a cover letter tear up your shyness and convince your client by saying that how much you are up to date with modern technology and tell him about your product development and their demands.

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Secondly, let your clients know that you are very much acquainted with the App development languages and have got high proficiency in this field because you play with them to create apps and these languages are-

  1. Python
  2. JavaScript
  3. HTML5
  4. C++
  5. C#
  6. Objective C
  7. Swift

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Thirdly, mention in your cover letter  that you’ve been roaming around the field as an Android Developer for many years and by these years you’ve been collaborating with Cross-Functional groups to design and ship new features and thus you can prove yourself of having the ability to be a team player.

Then, do not forget to mention your bachelor’s degree in computing/ computer science or software engineering. If you do not have any degree, then don’t get freaked, instead of that show them your own created apps in Google Play store.

Again, do not copy paste or think of doing any kind of plagiarism while writing a cover letter and avoid including personal life information and be sharp on your professional skill only.

As your client will not hire you until he is sure about your statement in the cover letter, so try to be honest and get yourself prepare fully before applying for the job of Android Developer.

And again, make your client believe that you are very much capable of fulfilling your project within very short time because punctuality comes first in your priority list. Here, we are going to show you samples of cover letter for Android Developer.

Upwork Android Developer Cover Letter (Sample 01)

Dear Recruiter,

I have thoroughly been to your job posting news on (name of the group) and I’m highly interested to apply for this job.

I am experienced in creating and developing new features of android apps and also very much skilful in shipping them in different groups with high satisfaction. I have a record of working with Apple company as well.

I have been in this sector for like 4 years now and pretty experienced in creating apps with using the proper app languages. I have highly proficiency in coding and programming as I have a bachelor degree on Computer science.

Also I can initiate a project skillfully and maintain the consistency diplomatically. I work collaborated with Cross-Functional groups and this experience has taught me about commercialism and tactful movement. As an Android Developer, I have created a technical group from where I can learn my mistakes and errors.

And I am content with the amount you have mentioned for the project so pick me up if you think I am worth the job.

Thank you.

Best regards

(write down your name)

Upwork Proposal Sample for Android Developer

Upwork Android Developer Cover Letter (Sample 02)

Dear Hiring Manager,

Hope you are okay.

I have read out the job description on Upwork of yours and all the requirements that you have asked for the job, have been occupied by me.

I have a profound knowledge in programming and the primary languages of App Development including Python, HTML5, C++, C#, Swift, Objective C and many others. Working with me will not cause any kind of loss and that is of a sure thing.

I generally do not do any silly mistakes and very much keen to learn things associated with my job. As I have experience of 5 years in this field as an Android Developer, I’vebecome a pro and have my own technical methods of handling situations.

To be more precious, the groups I have worked with have always appreciated me with my new features of apps and the quality of the process and support system of the apps.

I have got Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and have done lots of other courses regarding this field. Work time has always been a pleasure time for me so I can assure you of not waste any time by not utilizing my job.

You can pick me up on Email or Skype anytime if you are thinking of affirming me with the job.



Upwork Proposal Sample for Android Developer

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