Data Entry Proposal Sample Freelancer (100% Job Success)

This data entry proposal sample for Freelancer will 100% win any kind of data entry job that are being posted in the daily. In the ground of online freelancing, data entry has always been an easy form of making money for the freelancers. But to get a job you have to submit a qualitative proposal so that you do not get rejected among the other 600 applicants. Let’s see: Data Entry Profile Summary Sample.

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Though data entry is an old money making job, it has some difficulties which can only be solved by being conspicuous and sagacious. The work of data entry is to operate keyboard to input numeric or symbolic data into the system of a company with some requirements of changing or editing the data as it is entered. So you are required to have some basic skills and years of experiences before you try to win a big budget project.

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Skills you must possess for having a fantastic data entry project

  1. Accuracy is the first and foremost skill
  2. proficiency in transcription
  3. Software experiences like the PowerPoint, Access, Open Office
  4. MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel is a must
  5. Technology and Computer skills including short cut techniques
  6. Confidentiality and Multi-tasking ability
  7. People Soft and report generation
  8. Fast typing skill, 10-Key or alpha numeric or traditional typing speed with zero errors
  9. Acquaintances with the Quick-books and Google Analytics
  10. Concentration power on detailing
  11. Years of experiences regarding leads
  12. Assurance of availability and power of handling complex methods
  13. Capability of understanding and persuading the online market
  14. Superb basic knowledge in Grammar, spelling correction and punctuation

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Tips for Writing a Data Entry Proposal

  1. All the above skills need experiences to earn properly. And if you are newbie, then do not lie. Just be honest and try to find job with hard labor guarantee.
  2. Do not ever think of copy paste while writing up a proposal.
  3. Avoid impersonal and unprofessionalism. Be pragmatic and enthusiastic associated with your job in the proposal and show how much interested and worth you are for the job.
  4. Do not beat around the bush rather enter straight to the point and show your knowledge related to the work.
  5. Again, do not take too long to express your expertise. It should be time consuming, keep that in mind. There are thousands of proposals like yours the client has to read so do not kill his time by explaining things elaborately. Here, Quality over Quantity is the ultimate norm you should follow.

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You should read the job descriptions thoroughly before you apply for a job. Here we are going to provide you two samples of data entry proposal with one job description and also some important tips will be added for your convenient.

Job Description

Data Entry Proposal Sample Freelancer (100% Job Success)

For this job description a useful sample is given below so you can win the job with ease.

Data Entry Proposal Sample Freelancer (Sample 01)

Code: glass table

Hello. From your job description I have learned that the requirements you have asked for are possessed by me very well.

I am a graduate on Computer Science with the highest CGPA. Also, I have several good records in this field as I have been working in this field for about 5 long years.

I am an expertise on Data entry and excel, also have proficiency in MS office, Google analytics and QuickBooks and 10-Key KPH typing speed with zero errors.

Working with me will surely bring you many good as I am very creative and persuasive in nature. Also, I can handle things diplomatically with full professionalism. With full guarantee, I can assure you the deliverables you have asked for in the job description.

So, pick me up if you think I am worth the job. Thank you.

Data Entry Proposal Sample Freelancer (100% Job Success)

Special Tips to Write the Best Proposal

  1. Some job description will provide you with a code number to determine that you have read the job description thoroughly and applying for this job with full awareness.
  2. This proposal is very small in size, but as you can see, it is one of a qualitative proposal because it expresses your expertise with very little words.
  3. so, little words but informative proposals are more effective.
  4. look carefully that, this proposal also carries some persuasive words from which the client get to know that you have some real knowledge about online marketing and you have gained enough experiences through that.

Data Entry Proposal Sample for Freelancer (Sample 02)

Hi there.

My name is (write down your name). I am a specialist of data entry with an experience of five years.

I have experience of proven data entry work, MS office, data programs and I am acquainted with administrative duties. Also, I have a high school diploma and certificate of computer training course-work.

I can identify the deficiencies and errors of any data with full contemplation and can correct the incompatibilities within the least time. I am familiar with scanning documents into document management systems and transcribing information into requisite electronic format with full accuracy.

I work with full confidentiality and my ex-clients were so content with my work and reviewed me with high rate. I will attach some of my splendid works files for your convenient to comprehend my ability of work.

I work with honesty and do not hesitate to toil little more to make clients appease. Thank you.


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Data Entry Proposal Sample Freelancer (100% Job Success)

Special Tips to Make the best Data Entry Proposal

  1. This proposal sample is for the experienced one who really wants to win a job with total hard work. So if you really want to show your guts of work follow this proposal and fill it with your proficiency of skills.
  2. Do not add other skills related to other job. You know, you do not have to show them that you are an all-knowing person. Just add the skills related to the job.
  3. This proposal is straightforward type with full of professionalism. If you are pro at this field, surely make this proposal as your template and win your job with ease.
  4. Attachment of your previous work files helps a lot to win a job. In this case, you do not have to explain your ability in an elaborate way.
  5. Also, you have to persuade your client with careful words so that he clicks on the attachments otherwise if he loses interest in clicking the files you may lose the job.

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