SEO Proposal Sample & Example for Freelancer

Let’s download the SEO proposal sample & example for the freelancers including pdf template. For an SEO job, you need a killer proposal which will lead you to win your desirable project. But, it is not easy if you do not have any basic idea of writing a professional seo proposal. You have to be careful with the keywords you are choosing. Then you have to play some diplomatic tricks. Use persuasive words to convince your client. Let’s see: SEO Expert Profile Summary Sample.

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Before writing the best freelance seo proposal, contemplate on the job description, so that you can understand what the client wants from you and what important things you have to provide to your clients. There can be some tricks that you have to comprehend in order to prove yourself worth the job. However, everyday thousands of applicants apply for the job of this sector. That is why getting the wanted project is not easy. Competition is everywhere. You have to learn some basics before you apply for an SEO job.

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Before you know what skills does SEO require, you should know that there are three types of SEO and they are the on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO. The skills that you must possess to claim yourself an SEO specialist are given bellow:

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  1. Technical and programming expertise which are PHP, HTML etc.
  2. Joomla or WordPress skill
  3. Coversion/Design Rate Optimization and call-to-action optimization
  4. Latest SEO practices and ranking strategies
  5. Traffic analysis and competitor analysis
  6. Marketing savvy
  7. Must acknowledge SEO concepts like authority, LSI, link building, crawlers or search engine spiders.
  8. Improving in landing page A/B testing
  9. Keyword research
  10. Enhancing soft skills like decision making, problem solving and prioritization
  11. Communication skill and flexibility

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When you come to know all the skills that are needed to be developed, you will get your right track easily. You can put your steps significantly in this sector even when you have less technical knowledge. If you are a pro with the soft skills with analytical mind then it will be quite easy for you to gather, measure and investigate data on a continuous basis. Moreover, with the experience of working as the starter job at available websites will add some spice to build a marvelous portfolio snatch the project smoothly.
For more and better understanding a job description with two sample proposal is added below.

SEO Proposal Sample & Example for Freelancer (01)

It’s (write down your name).

I am an SEO expert with diverse skills but most precious skills that I possess are critical thinking, technical and programming skills and analytical skills. I have a quick thought process on attacking any kind of problems. I have been working on this precious sector for about 5 long years with a Bachelors’ degree on Software Engineering.

I not only show the confidence but also I have the ability of distilling thoughts and complex ideas down into concepts that general people can understand and make decision with. I have encompassed my speaking and writing skills through the conversation with the clients and internal teams. I convinced them to do the right thing and also by writing case studies, PVOs and decks.

Whatsoever, I believe without programming knowledge it is quite tough to submit a terrific job and I do not lack of these skills as well. I am efficient enough in basic HTML, microdata tagging, lazy loading, rendering, server side redirects and page speed.

In my work I always ensure the coding implications of the changes and entails to know what the common objectives and mistakes are. And I also find out the ways how to overcome them smoothly.
Above all, I can say that conciliating my clients is my first priority and I confidently think that I am good at it. No lamentation is ever raised against me by my clients for my job. So, if you think I am the one worth the job, then I will be pleased if you pick me.

Thank you.

SEO Proposal Sample & Example for Freelancer

Special Tips

  1. Well, quantity of this sample is huge as you can see. It is necessary to convince your client and if it takes more words to represent your skills in a better way, then you do it. But be careful, do not put personal and unprofessional words.
  2. Notice the straightforward writing which impresses the client in an immense way.
  3. Do not add skills which you are not capable of doing. It would be great shame if you fail proving your skills.

SEO Proposal Sample & Example for Freelancer (02)

Hi there!
I am (write down your name) from (write down your belonging country).

I am here with my complete solution with both on-page, off-page and related task as an SEO specialist. I have almost completed my precious 7 years on this sector.

I am an expert on every analytical issue of on-page services like SEO Friendly URL Suggestion and Implementation and content analysis. Moreover, I possess skills on internal or external linking, homepage content tuning and what not. I am a professional at coding basics, research and analysis.

Now I am literally looking forward to your project to be handled by myself. I am heartily interested on your project and also we can work together on your future projects as well. I am sure you will not be regretting by hiring me for your project.

SEO Proposal Sample & Example for Freelancer

Killer Tips

  1. Short but straight kind of overview helps you to win the job as it eases the client to have a quick glance of it. A quick impression is always wanted.
  2. You can add attachments of your works with some persuasive words so that your client click on your file and get you the job with full security.
  3. Understand the necessity of the project you are applying for and then add your skills related to the project.

Sample 01: Job Posting on SEO for Freelancer

SEO Proposal Sample & Example for Freelancer

Sample 02: Job Posting on SEO for Freelancer

SEO Proposal Sample & Example for Freelancer

Sample 03: Job Posting on SEO for Freelancer

SEO Proposal Sample & Example for Freelancer

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