Article Writer Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer

This sample article writer profile summary for Freelancer can surely win your desired jobs. Welcome to the absolute source from where you can sort out your problem and grab techniques of writing a perfect profile summary following the basics. Let’s see: Article Writer Proposal Sample.

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Want to win a desirable job of article writing by providing a killer profile summary in Freelancer? Then here we go! Many freelancers fail to attempt the right kind of profile summary and lose the very impression of the clients and cannot reach their goal.

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But if they learn some basic techniques and requirements a freelance article writer profile summary claims then it will be easy to catch the dream job. A slayer profile summary demands lofty and eye-catchy words. Not every freelancer understands the importance of knowing the key-factors of the profile summary. So here, expedient profile summary samples are going to be presented so that article writers can grab and use those for their convenience.

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Client’s Expectations on Article Writer Profile Summary of a Freelancer

Well, your client has some definite expectations from you as they have to check out the authenticity of the freelancers to secure their projects.

A profile summary is the leading segment of a profile. It appears in the very first segment and clients see that part of the profile the very first moment. The profile summary possesses the experiences, achievements and skills of the freelancer. So it is the foremost duty of the freelancer that to satisfy the client he should add those things without wasting single words on irrelevant things.

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The progression of the profile summary should be sublime and striking. Clients always seek for the enchanting profile summary which makes a great impact on their thought and they think of you to sign you in their dream projects.   

Remarkably work on the skills you are adding. Clients have to investigate thousands of profile summaries a day, which is kind of suffocating. So they seek for the observable one and that’s why they set some keywords related to the project. If a freelancer strikes those keywords, the job is confirmed. 

Elaboration and composition is strictly avoided by the clients as there is no time for it. So as per the expectations, the profile summary should be plain and straight yet remarkable.

Avoid Mistakes On Article Writer Profile Summary of a Freelancer

A profile summary is the most important and significant part and this part is sensitive as well. So special kind of nurture should be given while you are up to it.

Do not give any false assumption about your skills. It is a wrong thing to cheat your client. No good can be brought if you cannot remain honest to yourself. Better not to bring destruction to the career which has a bright future.

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Again, plagiarism or copy paste cannot be an option for an article writer. Prove yourself worth the job by giving your 100 percent to the project. And assure your client by giving a picture perfect profile summary. 

Understand the expectations of the client and do not remain ignorant to the requirements the client has asked for. It is important to comprehend what a client seeks for from a profile summary. Once you investigate the assertions of the project, feel free to write the profile summary maintaining the sequence.

Do not add irrelevant skills and unprofessional experiences of your personal life. There is no need and not time for that. Make it precise, simple and subtle in nature and eye-catchy and remarkable at the same time. Grammatical error from an article writer is also not appreciable at all. So avoid these mistakes at once.

Now we are going to provide you with two profile summary samples for the article writer so that you can come up with your dream job.

Article Writer Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer (01)      

I am an enthusiastic and powerful article writer with an experience of 5 long years, achieved the renowned award of “Best content writer” from the big online company of (write down the company name).

I have enormous capability in

  1. Persuasive, critical and analytical kind of writing
  2. Got an immense patience in researching sectors
  3. And an instant adaption in writing relevant and vibrant subjects.

Whenever I write any content, I try to follow the following techniques

  1. Use an active voice                   
  2. Play direct with my readers
  3. Try to keep it optimized and simple
  4. Proofread it several times

 With that, I have got the highest rank on the online market with slayer reviews with 5 star rates and well considerations of previous clients. I have bachelor’s degree in English Literature with the satisfied CGPA and still an exquisite learner and seeker of new functions of writing and right use of social media and its manifestos.

Give 110% to my work.

Thanks for visiting my profile.

Article Writer Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer

Article Writer Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer (02)

I am a devoted article writer and have an extensive experience of 6 years in the platform of article writing with an achievement of great skill power of adapting exclusive contents with ease and infatuation in making clients and customers happy.

I have solid understanding in

  1. SEO and WordPress with
  2. An amazing wisdom in coping up critical problems
  3. And high organizational skills.

I am pretty much Focused and contemplated on contents to come up with the best version and appease the clients. Got killer reviews with five star ranks with a bonus of bright future ahead.

Summary my profile

  1. Job completed rate 100%
  2. 500 reviews and 5 star rate
  3. Recommendation from my employer for all the clients +-10%

It is a great satisfaction to have my profile viewed.

  1. Devoted to work 100%

Article Writer Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer

Final Words

The profile summary is a segment which will always get your back. Haphazard or incomprehensible summary can be fatal to your career. Make it observable and remarkable in every possible way. 

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