Article Writing Proposal Sample for Freelancer

These sample proposals for freelance writers and content writing proposals for clients will bring a 100% job-winning score when describing your proposal for an article writing job. This sample cannot be directly copy-pasted but you can take the best ideas from these and write your best one regarding this format. Let’s see: Article Writer Profile Summary Sample. Also, if you want to be a professional article writer, I will recommend you to use our Free tools, Plagiarism Checker and Article Rewriter to improve your writing and proofreading skills.

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Things a Writer should Know

  1. Study and learn about article writing. It can be a blog post, it can be a news article, it can be website content, and it can be a product review
  2. Learn grammar and avoid mistakes
  3. Be precise with your content
  4. Be creative with your ideas, be SEO optimized
  5. Use eye-catchy words and keywords
  6. Try to be reader-friendly and avoid bounce rate
  7. Be motivating to the readers
  8. Do not let the readers get bored and try to create an interest
  9. Do not copy-paste anything rather produce your best
  10. Gather Ideas from the web to make your content the best one in the world
  11. Create a coherent piece of writing
  12. Make an SEO friendly post according to your keywords

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What to Avoid on Article Writing Proposal

  1. Avoid big descriptions
  2. Do not show any weakness
  3. For Article/Blogs/Content writing, you must give a clear idea about your skills in not more than 200-250 words
  4. Do not use unnecessary words and sentences
  5. Do not try to copy anything, you should know that a review from the client will be posted and if he has a negative reaction to you that will be on your profile
  6. Avoid informal words and answer the question first if your client ask anything
  7. Do not use negative words be friendly
  8. Do not waste your client’s time

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Job Winning Tips on Writing a Professional Proposal for Article Writing

  1. Answer the questions perfectly if your client ask anything
  2. If asked for the sample, show anything that is on the internet. Nobody will find you
  3. Show that you know everything that your client is expecting
  4. Put your skills in the right content (what exactly clients are looking for)
  5. Show off your experience as much as you can
  6. Even you haven’t, show up you have some/many experiences regarding the job
  7. Show hundreds of examples to be eye catchy and trustworthy
  8. Be Specific and simple when writing a proposal
  9. Use informal words in a formal way to express more with fewer words
  10. Try to find keywords in job posting and write accordingly
  11. Try to get your client’s attention with your work history and job success
  12. Make a good impression to call for an interview
  13. Look for the hidden hints on the job posting and write that at the beginning
  14. Be quick in bidding and try to be fast to response

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Clients’ Expectation on Hiring

The clients are looking for writers who match their type of works. There are a different kinds of works all over the world. Your task is to attract the right client for your job with your cover letter. Other than that a client expects hard work and time management from you. He has a price to offer for a certain amount of work and you have to bid a price that will blow his mind and he will wish for working with you. If the price is right, and everything matches, congratulations man; you have got the job. Now for your help, these are two samples of the Proposal Cover letter for the freelance article writer.

Sample 01: Freelance Article Writing Proposal Sample

Dear Hiring Manager,


I am (Name) and I am from (country).

I would like you to consider me as an Article/Content Writer in your organization. I would like to apply for the job in your company that you have posted on Freelancer.
Seeing your post, I could not miss the opportunity to work with you. I believe that I would be able to carry out the tasks and fulfill your requirements. I consider myself a professional Article/Content Writer and never willing to let you down.

I consider myself perfect for this job because I have experience of several years and within these years I have studied and written Articles/Contents thoroughly. I will try my best to fulfill your requirements with my honest and active response.

I have written a lot of articles either by studying or under the light of my own understanding and that has given me the knowledge to cope with any situations. I have put my mind into medieval articles, archeology, wildlife, entertainment, literature, hair care products, product reviews, computer components, stories, and so on.

About education, I have completed my Bachelor of Art’s degree from Rajshahi University and obtained a first-class degree in English Language and Literature. The diversified syllabus included a lot of content that are now helping me in Article writing.

I know the boundaries and shortcomings of an Article writer. Time is the most important aspect in this field and I am ready for the challenge you have for me and I am ready to provide you your tasks in due time.
I have a decent amount of computer applications and have been trained for six months. I can use most of the software that are used.

I am ready to provide with you the things that you want with honesty and delicacy. I will work with you as much time as you wish and your satisfaction is my motto.

I am hoping to hear from you soon. I am 24/7 available on your service on email and social networks.

Thank you.

Article Writing Proposal Sample for Freelancer
Sample 01: Freelance Article Writing Proposal Sample

Sample 02: Article Writing Proposal Sample for Freelancers

Dear Hiring Manager


I have seen your posted job (job title) on Freelancer and I am glad to let know you that I am very much interested to work with you as I have found it very appealing for a content writer. I am accustomed to Article/Blog/Content writing, content posting for more than four years. So, I have the skills and qualification that will help me in completing your tasks on due time

I want you to consider me as a writer in your company by giving you the information about my works. I have finished my previous jobs skillfully and timely. Customer satisfaction has been the main driving power for me in this field. You can have a check on my profile, Portfolio, Work History, and Feedbacks to satisfy your needs. Generally, I can finish a fair-sized blog content with graphics and all the SEO supplements within two hours or less depending on the client’s requirements.

My education is completed from (name of the University) and got a first-class degree. My post-graduation in English Literature has added a new dimension to my works that you might see.

I am available 24/7 for your need both online and offline. You can find me on Skype, Facebook, and Viber, etc. Your every call/message is important to me. I will be available at least 60 hours per week and ready to assist you on your project at your call.

Thank you for the time you invested in my cover letter. If you are trying to find someone skillful and hardworking, that’s me.

Best Regards
(Your Name)

Article Writing Proposal Sample for Freelancer
Sample 02: Article Writing Proposal Sample for Freelancers

Job Posting on Article Writing (Sample)

Job title: A rock-star article writer needed.
Job Description: I have 50 articles to be written within 15 days on my
research proposal. These articles will be on the different periods of English Literature. Each article must contain 2000-2500 words. For the whole part, I will be paying 150 dollars and 10 dollars each.

Applicants must have a decent amount of knowledge about the periods of English Literature and about English History as well. Good command of English is needed and the articles must be written in formal English. The works will go through Copyscape and plagiarism is prohibited. Do not try to copy from anyone. 50% of your payment will be in advance and the rest will be given after the work is done.

Article Writting Proposal
Job Posting on Article Writing (Sample)

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