Top 30 Freelance Sites like Upwork 2022

The increasing number of search for “freelance sites” and “online working sites” proofs that freelancing jobs are being more popular day by day. The freelance platform is also increasing rapidly in order to keep pace with the worker and jobs. Upwork has become one of the most popular freelance job sites in the world. Sometimes people also search for the websites like Upwork because they do not like to work there or get suspended. As a result, Upwork competitors are also increasing day by day. You may check: Upwork vs Freelancer, which one is better?

Particularly, working as a freelancer has become very popular among those people who love the freedom that these types of independent works offer. Upwork as a freelance company has 09 million registered freelancers and 1.5 million clients. But what are the other popular freelancing sites where finding better jobs is easier? Here is a list of Top 33 top freelancing sites which are very much popular among freelancers.

Freelance Sites like Upwork

01. Fiverr

Global Alexa Rank: 460

What most of the freelancers don’t know is, Fiverr is the world’s largest online marketplace for freelance services which is larger than any other marketplace on the earth. The name Fiverr comes from the beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed. In February 2010, the inception of Fiverr was in Israel and its current headquarter is in Tel Aviv. Fiverr was founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman.

This is one of the leading freelancing sites which are primarily used by freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide. In 2012 it provided 03 million services. It is also available in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Portuguese. To work on Fiverr, a quick and easy subscription is required as most of the leading freelancing marketplaces do.

02. Upwork

Global Alexa Rank: 553

Upwork was firstly known as the Elance-oDesk in its inception. It is a global freelancing platform where millions of freelancers and contractors meet and work remotely to make a project successful. You can see the best book on Upwork.

Its current location is in California, United States. Stratis Karamanlakis and Odysseas Tsatalos are the funder of it. Elance-oDesk was rebranded as Upwork in 2015. Since then till today, Stephane Kasriel has been working as its CEO. It has 9 million registered freelancers and 4 million registered clients.

On Upwork, you can find 3 million job postings worth $1 billion per year. But they believe that because of their easy and trustworthy marketing policies, this number will boom by the double or triple compared to its current figure. You may also like: Upwork Proposal Samples

freelance sites like upwork

03. Freelancer

Global Alexa Rank: 1,707

Freelancer is also one of the largest crowdsourcing marketplaces in the web. Clients can post jobs here and freelancers will bid against them and get hired. It is almost same like Upwork. is so popular that in some cases it beats the popularity of Upwork itself! It doesn’t seem to be illogical when you see that the platform now has been regularly working with an astonishing 15 million registered members who have posted more than 7.4 million projects. The total price of these projects, in total, is more than $2.2 billion dollars per year.

Freelancer has been working with their several subsidiaries like,, Warrior Forum, SydStart, Freelancer Technology Pty Limited and many more.

freelance sites like upwork

04. 99designs

Global Alexa Rank: 6,023

This is basically a design competition based website. Unlike other freelancing marketplaces, this site particularly provides freelancing services for designing and decorating.

Most of their clients are form small businesses and interior decoration company owners. But people of every class and preferences visit this site to get graphic designs like logos, business cards, t-shirts, websites, and more.

What’s interesting about 99designs is it’s a place where designers from all over the globe compete with their peers in design contests to win prizes, improve their skills, and establish relationships with new clients which is very fascinating for freelancing designers.

Maybe this is world’s only website where if the clients aren’t satisfied with the designs submitted to their contests, the site will offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Matt Mickiewicz is the Founder Of 99Designs alongside two other companies named as Sitepoint and Flippa.

Freelance Sites like Upwork

05. Toptal

Global Alexa Rank: 6,422

Toptal is an America based Freelance marketplace, Online outsourcing site and Employment website that provides freelance software engineers, designers, and finance experts to companies. In simple words, Toptal works like a medium that would lead you to your desired or needed jobs.

What Toptal actually does is, after reading your cv or resumes, it will recommend you to different companies according to your qualifications. Toptal is the first ever freelancing marketplace that has received coverage for being a completely virtual organization as all of their operations are completed via online without any physical offices.

It was founded in 2010 at Silicon Valley, California, U.S by Its two key members, Taso Du Val and BreandenBeneschott. Taso Du Val has been serving as its CEO since then till today.

Toptal has been ranked as the No.1 fastest growing talent marketplace in North America by several consulting firms. Example: In November, 2015, it was ranked #1 by consulting firm Deloitte.

freelance sites like upwork

06. Simply Hired

Global Alexa Rank: 8,709

Simply Hired is not only an employment website but also a mobile application and an online recruitment advertising network. The main function of the company is to aggregate job listings from thousands of sites across the Web including job boards, newspaper and classified listings, associations, social networks, content sites and company career sites.

After collecting the listings, it distributes those jobs on its website, mobile app, as well as social network, blog, and other website partners.

Job seekers on Simply Hired can search job listings by keyword and location to find jobs of interest. Simply Hired currently operates their job search engines in 24 other countries.

GautamGodhwani along with Anil Godhwani and Peter Weck invested $1.2M USD in 2003 to start this business. Later on their three different series C,D and E raised USD $13.5 million, $4.6 million and  $12M in cash.

freelance sites like upwork

07. Guru

Global Alexa Rank: 12,016 is like an agent based company. There are a huge number of freelancers and Companies find out them, hire them and work on commission. Their head quarter is still in there since its beginning. The name of its founder is InderGuglani. It was established in 2002 by Unicru in Portland.

freelance sites like upwork

08. FlexJobs

Global Alexa Rank: 20,965

FlexJobs is one of the few elite and dedicated marketplaces which is on the top of the preference list of people looking for flexibility in a job as they focus on work from home.

The subscription fee for the site is $14.95 per month but there are also options for yearly or 3-month memberships. It has money-back guarantee if you edit your subscription to expire after one month. It was founded in 2007 and Sara Sutton is its current CEO.

freelance sites like upwork

09. Remote

Global Alexa Rank: 25,984

This is a good platform of remote workers and clients. This site works as a connector agent and get commission. They have connected 2 million freelancers and clients with remote jobs.

This site uses different machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyses skills, experiences, and personality traits to predict the highest probability of job success. Thus, the recruiter knows the risks and probabilities of his investments.

10. OnlineJobs

Global Alexa Rank: 33,320

OnlineJobs is a Filipino job board that creates exclusive remote online work opportunities for people from all around the world.  It was created in 2009 by Utah-based entrepreneur Jonas.

Jonas is also created Replace Myself which is another popular freelancing education site. The filtering system of OnlineJobs is really awesome where you can do it by skill, level, date, etc.

11. LinkedIn

Global Alexa Rank: 30

It is an America based business and employment-oriented social networking service which is mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs. Reid Hoffman and Jeff Weiner are working as its CEO.

It was first launched in May 2003 and by 2015, LinkedIn had 500 million members in 200 countries, out of which more than 106 million members are active with a yearly revenue of $3 billion us dollars. LinkedIn is available in 24 languages.

12. Craigslist

Global Alexa Rank: 109

It is an American classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, forums, etc” Unlike Upwork or Freelancer, craigslist is a Classifieds, forums site. Though it was first started on 1995 to cover local events around San Francisco Bay area, the owner of the company decided to make it a web-based service in 1996 and thus it was expanded into other classified categories.

Craigslist started their service to other U.S. cities in 2000 and by the next 17 years, now this popular site covers 70 countries. It accepts 07 other languages except English. This multi language operation was first initiated on March 2008.

freelancing websites list

13. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Global Alexa Rank: 6,422

Amazon Mechanical Turk is also known as MTurk. It is not more mechanical rather it enables worker and business to coordinate the use of human intelligence. Mostly it performs the tasks that computers cannot perform in the current times.

These individuals or businesses are commonly known as the requesters. It is one of the multiple sites of Amazon Web Services and it is owned by Amazon itself. Here on MTurk, Employers can post jobs known as Human Intelligence Tasks or HITs.

These HITs can be of various types including the selection of the best among several photographs of a storefront, writing product descriptions, or identifying performers on music CDs and many other works.

Workers are called as Providers in Mechanical Turk’s Terms of Service or to be more frank, the Turkers. Turkers can browse among existing jobs and complete them in exchange for a monetary payment which is most of the times, set by the employer.

The service is the brainchild of Venky Harinarayan and it was officially launched publicly on November 2, 2005.

MTurk became so popular among people that by January 2011, it had registered 500,000 workers from over 190 countries.

14. RescueTime

Global Alexa Rank: 18,803

It is a time tracking application that can be used to bill a client. Rescue time is an app that can earn you money too. All you have to do is to log into your RescueTime account, create your referral link and bring them new users. As the return gift, the company will give you 15% commission in cash. What RescueTime actually will do is, they will track every time someone signs up through your referral link and provide online reporting so you can see how much you have earned.

15. DesignCrowd

Global Alexa Rank: 20,135

DesignCrowd is an online crowdsourcing platform which was launched in January 2008. The company has received significant funding from Starfish Ventures.

On 20 December 2011, DesignCrowd acquired Brandstack. Brandstack is a stock logo template marketplace. Here on Brandstack, users can buy and sell logo templates and domains. Right after that, Brandstack’s name was changed to “BrandCrowd” which is quite synonymous to DesignCrowd.

16. HubStaff

Global Alexa Rank: 24,334

It was founded the year of 2012. It is also a time tracking application. Dave Nevogt and Jared Brown founded this site that serves worldwide now. Its current headquarters are now in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

From 2015, it has started to be popular in the web. Their nomination as part of Techpoint’s Mira Awards for The Best of Tech in Indiana is the proof of their rising popularity.

17. DesignHill

Global Alexa Rank: 36,295

Just like 99Designs, Designhill is another online marketplace which is powered by a massive community of designers and business owners. Design contests are very cost-effective as if the clients aren’t satisfied with the designs submitted to their contests, the company will offer 100% refund.

18. Time Doctor

Global Alexa Rank: 40,218

Time Doctor is a time tracker and billing application used by many freelancers and clients. It is a multi-functional time tracking software with CRM and white label capabilities.

It is available in different languages including English, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese. Time Doctor offers screenshot software to keep up with the progress. If you find the company new clients, it will pay you.

19. iWriter

Global Alexa Rank: 41,531

This is basically an all-encompassing content writing service that has a huge community of writers and publishers alike. The rate of their work is-

  1. 500 word article – $3.00 (basic writer), $5.50 (premium writer), $10.00 (elite writer).
  2. 2,000 word article – $14.00 (basic writer), $30.00 (premium writer), $40.00 (elite writer).
  3. 500 word article re-write – $4.67 (premium writer), $8.50 (elite writer).
  4. 20 page (7,000 word) eBook – $160.00 (premium writer), $210.00 (elite writer).
  5. 100 page (35,000 word) eBook – $790.00 (premium writer), $1050.00 (elite writer).

Considering the market price, this price is very low.

20. Textbroker

Global Alexa Rank: 41,547

It is a writing job site. A number of writing jobs will be found in this site. Textbroker collects money from the client and only after the client is satisfied, not will send the money to worker. To start at, you’ll need 3 things –

  1. your filled-out W9 form
  2. a scanned copy of your US identification
  3. A 200-word writing sample.

21. TaskRabbit

Global Alexa Rank: 44,245

It is an online and mobile marketplace which mainly focuses on public demands. It is working from 2008 and the founder is Leah Busque. The company has received $37.7 million fund till now. Busque founded TaskRabbit as a charitable foundation which ended up being a massive turnover.

22. Crowdspring

Global Alexa Rank: 86,961

Ross Kimbarovsky and Michael Samson is the founder of Crowdspring in 2007 and its online activities were started from 2008. Crowdspring was co-founded in May 2007. Crowdspring launched its online marketplace publicly in May 2008. Crowdspring is based in Chicago. More than 100,000 graphic designers and writers from 200 countries work on Crowdspring today.

23. Aquent

Global Alexa Rank: 125,021

It is a staffing company and their core task is marketing. They supply workers as a temporary basis. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, it is among the “largest marketing/creative staffing firms in the United States” Their headquarters is in Boston and its co founder John Chuang is serving as Its CEO.  Since the Operating year of 2006, the site’s income is $500 million.

24. Outsourcely

Global Alexa Rank: 157,806

Outsourcely is a virtual assistant company based in Foresthill, CA.  It was established in Philippines in 2014. Today they have 250,000+ remote workers in their database. The company was started in 2014 and the founder and the current CEO of this company is Oleg Posternetsky.

25. Witmart

Global Alexa Rank: 195,674

Witmart might be the biggest crowdsourcing platform that many people may never have heard of but the company is apparently huge in China. Witmart offers a marketplace for both Upwork-like contract work and 99designs-like design contests.

26. Freelancewritinggigs

Global Alexa Rank: 205,477

This site is a online freelancing marketplace for content writers and editors. The jobs from this list are hand-picked from various job sites, classified advertisements, and company websites. The jobs covered are more than remote writing jobs. To be more precise, this site may not include jobs that may not directly involve writing but are still writing-related and editing-related.

27. College Recruiter

Global Alexa Rank: 224,028

Founded in 1991, College Recruiter is the leading job search site used by students and recent graduates of all 7,400 colleges and universities from all around the world. This site’s customers are more than 1,000 companies, federal government agencies, and other employers who would hire college students or recent university graduates as freelancers.

28. KROP

Global Alexa Rank: 241,405

Firstly started in 2000 as a private industry newsletter among top designers, Krop is a freelance platform for creative designers and design related freelancers. In 2005, the site got its final name KROP.

29. Twago

Global Alexa Rank: 260,810

Twago or twago as written is the leading platform for online work in Europe. A lot of experts work here and the clients can easily find out the workers for their business. Thomas Jajeh started this business in 2009 and he is still working as the CEO of Twago.

30. Crowded

Global Alexa Rank: 295,865 is a tech talent sourcing industry that uses simple but amazing tools. Howard Schwartz is its CEO & Co-Founder.

31. iFreelance

Global Alexa Rank: 372,454

From 2009 to till now it is working as a good connector of worker and employer. The salary will be paid partially that means half work done and the freelancer will get half paid.

32. Crowdsource

Global Alexa Rank: 395,066

This site is a Content and Data Solutions freelancing marketplace. The company provides companies with a skilled and reliable workforce as a service.

33. LocalSolo

Global Alexa Rank: 476,565

LocalSolo is a freelance market composed of top-notch curated freelancers. The platform provides employer’s access to more than 25,000 high-quality professionals who have experience working with start-ups, agencies, and businesses of all sizes.

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