Professional Title Examples 2022 for Upwork Freelancers

The best professional title for upwork can increase your job winning score up to 90%. These professional title examples are only for you if you’re getting trouble to select a perfect title for your upwork profile.

Most of the freelancers do not know how to add a professional title in upwork to attract the clients. Adding only the work name can harm your profile. Your title is the important key to your success that will determine your job category to your clients.

The professional headline for freelancer and upwork professional title are the most prominent thing to make money by freelancing. Let’s see the most important elements to win a job in upwork.

  1. Perfect Upwork Profile Overview
  2. Best Proposal Cover Letter
  3. Answering the Additional Questions
  4. Professional Job Title

Professional Title Examples

Always remember that your title must reflect your skill and experience. Choose your title in a way so that your client get to know what type of work you do and experienced in. Your title is a kind of summary of your expertise. So, a wise title is necessary to use. Don’t use a lengthy title. Rather a short and meaningful title is much helpful.

Try to use a title consists of less than 10 words. But all the keywords should be fit in your title that will make a good impression of you. If you are expert of multiple varieties of tasks then place your primary job first in your title. But we recommend you not to use more than two types of variety of your profession. Just highlight your specific area of advertise. You need not show yourself as an “Entrepreneur” or as “Jack of all Trades”. Simple and succinct title will make the impression that you are dedicated to that specific work.

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Focus from Client’s End

While choosing a title it is normal that one thinks about what they do, which service they provide for, which area they are expert of etc. But it’s not the right way to choose a title. Rather you must think of what your client may get from you. Think of how your clients may be benefited by you. This is the right way to choose a distinctive title to attract your clients and be hired. All your attention give to your client. Focus on the advantages that your client may get from you.

Use a Professional Title

Serious clients always look for serious freelancers. Your perfect and professional title means the serious impression of you. So, choose a professional title according to your work. But don’t use an ambiguous or complex title that will make your client turn to the opposite. Here you will get some example of choosing best titles to some specific professions that will help you to choose your own.

01. Professional Title for Upwork Data Entry

If you are a freelancer expert in data entry, determine your specific areas of expertise before writing a professional title. Ask your mind and then select a title according to the service you may provide. Here you go with some examples-

  1. Professional Data Entry Expert
  2. MS Excel Entry Expert
  3. Data Arranger and Data Collector
  4. Pro Data Entry Expert
  5. First on Data Entry on Excel or SQL
  6. Data Analysis and Data Mining King
  7. Data Transfer and Record Holder
  8. Web Research and Data Entry Professional
  9. Data Entry Manager

02. Professional Title for Freelance Writer

You know that there are a variety of field as an article writer. So, your title must speak out what type of writer you are. You cannot simply use “Writer” as your title. If you are a creative writer, you may use

  1. Creative Writer & Copy Writer,
  2. Story Writer & Content Specialist,
  3. Writer for Kids Entertainment,
  4. E-book Writer, Story Writer
  5. Web Site Content Writer
  6. Biography Writer and Novel Writer
  7. Writing Expert for Web Content
  8. SEO Article Writer & Provider
  9. Blogger and Article Writer
  10. Pro Email Writer
  11. Content Writer on any Topic
  12. Technical Writer and Content Developer
  13. Creative Writer and Content Provider
  14. Copy Writing Specialist
  15. Article and Content King
  16. Professional Word Specialist

etc. according to your types of writing. If you are an Article Writer choose

  1. Pro Article Writer,
  2. Web Page Writer,
  3. Blog Writer,

etc. will suit you most.

03. Professional Title Examples for Graphics Designer

If you are expert in designing choose a title suitable to it. You may use:

  1. Graphics Designing Expert
  2. Artist of Graphics World
  3. Worker of Art & Design
  4. Artist & Designer in Graphics
  5. Design Specialist
  6. Banner Design Expert
  7. Color Design Master
  8. Graphics Media Expert
  9. Graphics Specialist
  10. King of Graphics Design
  11. Holographic Designing Expert
  12. Professional Color Master
  13. Let’s Color Your Dream

and something like this kind. Use such a title so that your title speaks that you are a designer and a creative designer.

04. Professional Title Examples for Logo Designing

If your work is to design logo only you may use

  1. Logo Designing Expert
  2. Logo Creator and Maker
  3. Artist of Logo Design
  4. Logo Editor with 16M Colors
  5. Logo Expert & Text King
  6. Professional Logo Designer
  7. Logo Master and Color Enhancer
  8. Make Your Future Logo
  9. Logo Maker and Brand Enhancer
  10. 3D and 2D Designing Master
  11. House Designing King
  12. Professional Shop Design
  13. Instrument Designing Expert

as your title. You may also use the funny titles like:

  1. Logo Guru
  2. Logo Ninja
  3. King of Logo Maker
  4. Logo Rockstar

to attract your client and get popularity.

05. Professional Title Examples for Web Designer

As a web designer you may use the title as

  1. Professional Web Designer, PSD, HTML 5. CSS, JS
  2. Web Expert (PSD to HTML)
  3. Web Developer King (Responsive & Dynamic)
  4. Pro Web Design Specialist
  5. Web Designing Master
  6. Pro Web Maker
  7. WordPress Designing Master
  8. Static and Mobile Friendly Web Design
  9. CMS Design with Professional Template
  10. HTML Template Designing Expert
  11. Professional Landing Page Designer
  12. Professional Website Designer
  13. Responsive Web Layout Designer
  14. Responsive Coder Expert
  15. Mobile Web Page Designer
  16. HTML, CSS, Java Script and Photoshop Expert
  17. Web Designing King
  18. Drupal Designer King

You should use your own sense also to attract your client through your title.

06. Professional Title Examples for Web Developer

  1. Professional Web Developer
  2. PHP Master with Ten Years Experience
  3. Website Back end Developer
  4. Website Database Master
  5. Pro PHP & Mysql Developer
  6. Website Design and Developer King
  7. Web Development and CMS Expert
  8. Web Application Developer
  9. Pro Core PHP Developer
  10. Landing Page Developer
  11. Ecommerce Website Developer King
  12. Shopify Development Expert
  13. WordPress & Drupal Expert
  14. CMS Website and Application Builder
  15. Reliable Website Developer
  16. Affordable Website Developer
  17. Responsive Website Developer and Coder
  18. Responsive Coder Master
  19. Mobile Friendly Coding Expert

07. Upwork Professional Title for SEO Marketer

  1. Professional SEO King
  2. Search Engine Ranking Master
  3. Pro SEO Expert
  4. Google Master and 1st Pare Grantee
  5. Google Bot Expert, Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird
  6. Link Building Expert
  7. Back-linking Expert
  8. Link Wheel Builder King
  9. DA Professional Link Builder
  10. Google Adwords Expert
  11. Google Analytics Guru
  12. 1st Page Ranker in SE
  13. Google Search Console and Webmaster Expert
  14. Pro SEO Expert (On-page & Of-page)
  15. Keyword Research Expert
  16. Long Tail Pro Expert and Alexa
  17. Professional Site Auditing King
  18. SEO Checker and Error Finder
  19. Google Penalty Recovery Master

08. Upwork Profile Title for Digital/SMM Marketer

  1. Digital Marketing Expert
  2. Professional Social Media Marketer
  3. Marketing Booster
  4. Marketing Buzz Creator
  5. Facebook Advertising Master
  6. Pinterest and Instagram Master
  7. Social Media King
  8. SMM Engagement Developing King
  9. Social Media Profile and Page Promoter
  10. SMM Product Advertising Expert
  11. Zero Budget Marketing Expert

09. Upwork Professional Title for Email Marketer

  1. Professional Email Expert
  2. Email Writing and Sending Expert
  3. Pro Mail Chimp Expert
  4. Bulk Email Master
  5. Email Research and Marketing Expert
  6. Email Sales Expert
  7. Pro Email and Gmail Master
  8. Email Sales Booster
  9. Email Engagement Booster

10. Professional Title Examples for WordPress Developer

  1. Professional WordPress Designer and Developer
  2. WordPress Theme Integration Expert
  3. WordPress Installation and Development
  4. Pro WordPress Master
  5. WordPress Plugin Expert
  6. WordPress Blogging Theme Expert
  7. Advance WordPress and CMS King
  8. WP Layout Design and Development
  9. Coder in WP PHP Development
  10. WP Ecommerce Business Developer

11. Professional Title Examples for Virtual Assistant/VA

  1. Data Entry and VA Worker
  2. Multi Task VA Worker
  3. Blogging and Developing Virtual Assistant
  4. Designing Virtual Assistant
  5. Virtual Assisting for Multi Tasking Project
  6. Full Time Virtual Expert in Maintanance
  7. Full Time Virtual Assistant in Marketing and SEO

12. Professional Title Examples for Mobile Application Developer

  1. Mobile App Developer
  2. Android Application Developer
  3. ios Application Developer
  4. Mobile App Coder
  5. Professional Mobile App Developer
  6. App Developer in Mobile Platform

13. Professional Title Examples for UI and UX Designer:

  1. User Interface Designer
  2. Icon and Front Page Designer
  3. Tab Designer and Layout Designer
  4. UI and UX Professional
  5. Expert in UI and UX Design

14. Professional Title Example for Customer Service

If you are a freelancer expert in customer service determine a specific side of it as there are many types of customer service. Choose your own and then select a title according to the service you may provide. Here you go with some examples-

  1. Customer Service administrator
  2. Live Chat and Phone Support Representative
  3. Ticket, Chat, Phone, Social Support Agent
  4. Customer Service Specialist

But don’t use only “Customer Service” as your title as it is too vague you know.

15. Upwork Profile Title for Other Purposes

Here are some other titles that you may use if your job matches with these. These will surely impress your client and they will get a clear idea about your work also.

  1. Contributing Scribble Supervisor
  2. Director of Alphabet Design and Structure
  3. Professional Blank Page Repairperson
  4. Chief Sentence Officer (CSO)
  5. Keyboard Finger Dancer and Linguistic Choreographer
  6. Temp-to-Full-Time Prompt Correspondent
  7. Operational Writing Commander
  8. Punctuation Team Lead
  9. Word Count Investigator

Funny Titles also Works Great

Hey, you need not be serious always. It often happens that some freelancers get much popularity for their funny titles. They become well known to their clients with their funny titles. It represents your creative side. You may be heard the names like Social Media Rockstar, Captain of Design, Video Ninja, Copywriting Ninja, Graphics Guru etc. in some cases. These titles are quite attractive and work comparatively fast than the other serious titles. But you must use it in a creative manner. But remember that these funny titles won’t be suitable to all professions. You can use these funny titles only if you are in creative profession or if you work for children.  But you should use your own creative name for the purpose. Don’t use a common name as a title. It will destroy your popularity as a creative employee.

Title for Multitasking Freelancer

There are many freelancers who do not work for one type of work. They are skilled of various tasks and they want job of these various types also. In such case your title will also be used for multipurpose. It must have the ability to draw attention of the clients who wants those kinds of works done by you. In such case you must use all the key words of your skill in your single title. But you must put your primary skill in the first place and then the other. But remember that a concise title is always better than a longer one. So, don’t try to add your unnecessary or unimportant skill in your title. Try to limit it within 10 words.

Professional Title Examples for upwork

We hope that our tips of selecting a perfect title as a freelancer will help you most in your freelancing purpose. Follow our instructions carefully. Hopefully, you will be able to choose a perfect title for you which will get more job opportunity and pave the way to earn more money through Freelancing. If you like our tips don’t forget to share our website with others. All the best wishes for your career

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