Freelancer Proposal Sample for Digital Marketing & SMM

This digital marketing proposal sample will 100% help the social media marketer (SMM) to win his/her desired job. Digital marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM) have a broad field in freelancing. It has been one of the most important thing in e-commerce. Let’s see: Digital Marketer Profile Summary Sample.

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A freelancer has to know these things clearly before he gets ready for working. Here we will show you how you can write killer Proposals for Digital Marketing and SMM. For the best Proposal for Digital Marketing and SMM you need to learn some tips and that will help you to write a killer overview. Your overview has to be better than others if you want to get a good jobs.

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Things to Keep in Mind for Writing a Digital Marketing Proposal

  1. Be master in Digital and Social Media Marketing
  2. Show you are full time available even you are not
  3. Know Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Boosting Techniques
  4. Watch as much profiles as you can and make your one the best
  5. Do not copy from anybody
  6. Write informal words in a formal way to make shorter proposal
  7. Create a good impression by your words on your client
  8. Try to find what clients need on your proposal, what clients are asking for
  9. Show only the best matched skills according to the job description
  10. Try to be as precise as you can
  11. Create an attractive overview

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You have to create your own charm on you proposal. Your words are very precious in this field. You need some skills and do some homework before writing. The clients want to match their needs and the only way to see them is to by seeing your proposal. We will provide you some special tips so that Freelancers can make a good Proposal for Digital Marketing and SMM.

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Technical Skills for Writing Digital Marketing Proposal

  1. Never Show any weak points even you have
  2. You have to show that you know everything about Digital Marketing and SMM. Tell your client why you are best for the job,
  3. Show your communication skills and be ready to communicate via any technology your clients ask
  4. You must write your Proposal shorter in 200-250 words & always try to be creative while writing
  5. Earn your client’s trust, be reliable, ask questions regarding the job, show your professionalism, tell your clients that you are the suitable one for his job
  6. Always try to find the hidden hints on your Client’s Job Posts. They are looking for somebody who is able to understand what the client needs.
  7. Never copy-paste anything that is not yours. Your clients will easily understand that you are telling false. Write from your own with creativity in your own way.
  8. Give the client some reasons why he should select you. Do not make any mistake while writing you Proposal. Impress your clients with your skills and experience. Always show that you have much experience though you have not.
  9. Be quick in bidding and replying your client.

Follow the examples and create your own Proposal to make a killer Proposal.

Freelancer Proposal Sample for Digital Marketing & SMM (01)

Dear Mr. (Client’s name)
Good Morning

I am (Your name) from (Your country) .I have seen your Job Post on Freelancer and I think that I am the best match for your job.

Digital Marketing is my passion. I have put professionalism in my passion and created some methods so that I can put them in some creative works. I have successfully attended some workshops on Digital Marketing and came out successfully. I have invested a lot of time in getting education in this field and gathered the best skills in this filed.

I am an expert in Digital and Social Media Marketing. I have been working as a Digital Marketer for the last five years and gathered a sound amount of experience about what people really want and need. Marketing is like selling a comb to a bald person and with this view I am working so that my clients can get the most out of me. I am ready to put the best professionalism so that I can complete the task successfully.

I consider that I have a great communication skill in both Bengali and English. I have sufficient grasp in reading, writing, speaking and listening. I am sure that I can convince the targets with my communication skills.

I work according to my client. I am ready to expose myself to my client and always ready to learn and come up with new ideas.

I am available on Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Viber when you need me. I generally work for 50 hours per week. Client’s satisfaction is my promise.
Yours faithfully

(Your name)

Digital Marketing and SMM Proposal

Freelancer Proposal Sample for Digital Marketing & SMM (02)

Dear Mr. X

I am a Rockstar in Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. I know everything in this field you are looking for and I am the best match for your job. Please check my profile.

I am a professional Digital Marketer. I have a passion in Digital Marketing and SMM. I have converted my passion into a career. I have studied a lot before coming to this profession and now I am ready to satisfy you on your needs. You will find professionalism if you work with me.

I have a sound communication skill. I know that Digital Marketing needs someone who can sell a ship in the desert. I have a great convincing skill. I can assure you that I can convince anyone you tell me to do.

I am working as a Digital Marketer for the last five years. During these years I have learnt a lot. I am always ready to adopt new things to do well Digital Marketing and SMM. You can have a check on my portfolio. I have completed a lot of tasks with successful records. I am a client’s worker, I always work as I am described to do.

Digital Marketing requires some common skills which are uncommon to all. I possess these skills and that makes me fit for your job. I can promise you that I will do my best to give you the best result and that makes me the perfect choice for the job.

I am at your service for twenty hours a day. You can find me on Skype and Viber. I generally work for 55 hours per week. I am ready to take up any challenge that you give me.

Best Wishes
(Your name)

Digital Marketing and SMM Proposal

Sample 01: Job Posting on Digital Marketing and SMM

We are searching for an expert in Digital Marketing Manager who can manage our digital campaigns. Your task will be to manage the digital platforms. You have to build strategies in increasing traffic, establishing schedules for the new release of articles or blog posts. You will also be responsible for monitoring performance.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Put an eye on management to check the updates, designs, user experience and feedback
  2. Monitor daily messages and posts
  3. Effective skillful and engaging messaging Brand Promoting
  4. Answer the customer’s questions
  5. Report analysis

Requirements and Qualifications

  1. Minimum BA in marketing
  2. Excellent Communication skill
  3. 5+ Years of experience
  4. Good knowledge in eCommerce, PPC, SEO and SEM
  5. To be able to create new strategies

Sample 02: Job Posting on Digital Marketing and SMM

Digital Marketing and SMM Job Posting

Sample 03: Job Posting on Digital Marketing and SMM

Digital Marketing and SMM Job Posting

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